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Harvestella- Launch Trailer

blank Harvestella, a new game from Square Enix, is out today for the Nintendo Switch. The game is very much “Final Fantasy meets Harvest Moon”. Check out the launch trailer and our thoughts on the game below! Harvestella is out today for the Nintendo Switch! In Harvestella, you can farm, fish, raise livestock and fight monsters. Yes, the game is a lot like Rune Factory, but with a touch of Final Fantasy or Bravely Default. The battle system isn’t turn based;…


Pentiment and God of War Ragnarok

blank One of the signs that gaming is growing up is when you have two games so totally different vying for people’s attention this November. God of War and Pentiment couldn’t be any more different – but expect a lot of chat about them going forward. That’s not to say they should be compared, although inevitably they will be. But with both games now gold, and almost ready to be played, there’s a good chance that Game of the Year talks…


The Best 2K Games to Play this Holiday Season

blank Our friends at 2K have launched a number of stellar titles this year, and we wanted to wrap them all up and put a shiny bow on what was a great year for the studio. With the holiday's around the corner, here are a few titles we think you should check out from 2K Games. Where appropriate, we have linked to our reviews of the games in case you want more information! Without further ado, let's hop in!


Going Big with Wiltopia – Animal Care Station

blank We have had the pleasure to look at a number of Playmobil sets over the past two years, but none have come close to the magnitude of the Wiltopia Animal Care Station. With over 350 pieces, getting this set together took a lot of time - in fact, Playmobil even warns parents that assembling the set could take up to 90 minutes! But is all the effort worth it? Is there enough to do in the Animal Care Station to warrant the high price and long build time? Let's take a look!


Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Is A Must Have for the Switch

blank The Nintendo Switch Online Service just keeps getting better and better. Let’s talk about why the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is a must have for the system! I’ve had the Nintendo Switch Online Service since it first came out. I’ve really loved playing the NES and SNES games as they came out. That said, Nintendo made the service even better when they introduced the Nintendo Switch Expansion Pack! With the Expansion Pack, players get access to Nintendo 64 games…


G FITS Earbuds from Logitech

blank With the recent launch of the Logitech G Cloud, a number of other products in the G lineup have come out as well. This includes the brand new Logitech GFITS true wireless gaming earbuds. We assume these pair nicely with the cloud gaming handheld, but we currently do not have one. That being said, we tested the GFITS extensivley with both our mobile devices and Nintendo Switch unit, and areĀ  very impressed!


Dino Rise – Pteradon Drone Strike Playmobil Review

blank Not every Playmobil set we review is huge, and not every Playmobil set we review is great for multiple kids at once. I do enjoy that Playmobil has these smaller sets, because not only are they a good price, but they are a good value as well. We've looked at a lot of Dino Rise sets in the past, so why not look at another. Here is my deep dive on Dino Rise - Pteradon Attack!


Dino Rise Saichania: Invasion of The Robot Playmobil Review

blank More Playmobil, more great fun! This time my kids and I stepped outside the world of reality - from looking at the Fire Rescue ship and Mini Cooper - and entered the world of dinosaurs! We've looked at Dino Rise in the past, but not on this scale. The Saichania: Invasion of the Robot set is pretty big, and includes all you need for at least two people to play for hours. Let's take a look!


Playmobil City Action Fire Rescue and Personal Watercraft (70140) Review

blank I hope you are not getting tired of seeing Playmobil on the website, because we have a lot more coming! This time, we are taking a look at the City Action Fire Rescue and Personal Watercraft (70140) that includes two boats, 4 figures, and tons of little gadgets to keep you fans buys for hours. While this set doesn't have the same "display" qualities as the Mini Cooper we recently reviewed, it has its own pros that make it one of the better sets available this holiday season!


Playmobil Mini Cooper Review

blank Although it might only be 41 total pieces, the Mini Cooper from Playmobil (Set 70921) is one fantastic toy. If there is one thing I can say about Playmobil that is always true, it is that their licensed vehicles are top notch and unrivaled in this space. In the past, we have reviewed the Volkswagon Bug and Bus, and many other vehicles. They are always fantastic. With a few characters included, this is one of the better, shareable Playmobil experiences.