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Tomten Components Overview and Review

Is it July yet? Can we say Christmas in July? Well never mind, today we have the fantastic pleasure of looking at the components for an upcoming crowdfunding campaign for the game Tomten. Tomten is a Christmas themed game of fun where players and work cooperatively, in teams, or competitively to complete contracts while preparing for the holiday season. There isn’t a ton in the box, but based on the copy I am looking at, the production quality is great!…

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Ticket to Ride Paris Review

Ticket to Ride Paris is another great installment in the small box Ticket to Ride series. Where will it fit in your ranking?

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Summer Game Fest Isn’t E3 – And That’s Okay

The Summer Game Fest has come and gone to mark the semi-official start of the season’s Not-E3 celebrations. And yet this year, more than ever, we can see that it’s not the E3 replacement perhaps everybody wants it to be. That should be okay. That is to say, there a place for a smaller “hyped” event that can explore a variety of smaller games alongside a few bigger announcements. And while that might not seem like a controversial opinion, for…

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Bitoku Unboxing and Components Review

Bitoku is a complex game but is also very colourful and well produced! Let's take a look at the games components!

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Project 13 Impressions

Project 13 on Xbox One and Series X/S is an unconventional experience that blends psychological horror with walking simulator elements. Here’s a more detailed look at what the game offers: A Descent into Unease: Endless Corridors: The entire game takes place within a single, sterile psychiatric ward corridor. This monotonous setting is broken only by subtle changes in lighting, decoration, or even the occasional ominous message scrawled on the wall. As you progress, a sense of unease builds with each…

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Hypercharge Unboxed Impressions

Hypercharge Unboxed on Xbox isn’t just a trip down memory lane; it’s a fully-fledged shooter with surprising strategic depth lurking beneath its colorful exterior. Here’s a closer look at what makes this game tick: Hypercharge throws a whole toy box full of weapons your way. You’ll find classics like Nerf blasters and cap guns alongside more outlandish fare like marshmallow launchers and splatter paint cannons. Each weapon feels distinct, with satisfying feedback that makes every virtual “pew pew” a joy.…

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Aquatica Unboxing and Components Review

Aquatica looks like a really interesting game, but a good game usually requires good components. Does it have that?

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Terminal 81 Impressions

Terminal 81 takes you on a haunting journey through the crime-ridden streets of Terminal 81, a fictionalized São Paulo neighborhood in 2008. You step into the shoes of Lorena, a recent arrival struggling to make ends meet amidst a harsh economic climate. As a string of kidnappings throws the community into fear, you’ll find yourself not just trying to survive, but also unraveling the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface. The game’s greatest strength lies in its ability to create…

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Echoes of The Plum Grove Impressions

Persistent worlds with life and death are not very common in the cozy farming genre, but we do have one strong example of this available right now on Steam. Echoes of the Plum Grove is a fantastically created farming simulation game in the vein of Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons, but with one major twist – you can die. Yup, you can die, and if you don’t have heirs to continue on your family farm, it’s game over for…

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Secret Slasher – Murder Mystery on Kickstarter

Last week Daniel Gugliotti reached out to me about a board game he was launching on Kickstarter, I took a look at it and it seems very cool so I wanted to share with all of you. Now it’s worth noting that this game has already reached its goal which is fantastic news, but there is still time for you all to get your foot in the door before it’s too late. Direct from the creator: “Secret Slasher is a…