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Sony announces next State of Play for Thursday June 2nd and more!

blank After being quiet for the past few months we finally have some insight on the next State of Play!   Tune in on Thursday June 2nd 3pm PT/ 6pm ET for nearly 30 mins of trailers and announcements. From the press release it illudes to focusing on third party developers and PSVR2 development. Expect to see a handful of new announcements/reveals as well as sneak peeks at things currently in development. Could we see any other surprises or will sony…


Does Donkey Kong Make an Appearance This Summer?

blank With E3 once again shelved for 2022, we can assume that Nintendo will still release some type of Nintendo Direct between now and August. With big games coming this summer, the next Direct will be looking at games coming in the future. We likely will get an extended look at Breath of the Wild 2, Spatoon 3, and other titles. But one game I think Nintendo fans NEED to see is something within the Donkey Kong universe.


Parkasaurus is Wildly Fun

blank Over the years, classic Tycoon games have evolved into deep, sometimes daunting experiences that don't necessarily capture the joy and simplicity of the early days. While I loved the original Roller Coaster Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, and Zoo Tycoon games on PC, the moment that Zoo Tycoon was released on Xbox, Planet Zoo on PC, and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and future titles across multiple platforms, I was disinterested in the franchise. Parkasaurus is bringing me back to the fold.


Two New Short Trailers for Mario Strikers: Battle League

blank Nintendo doesn't shy away from quietly dropping new trailers for upcoming games, and although the two posted yesterday combine for less than one minute of air time, they are still a welcome sight for those looking forward to the first Mario Strikers game in a very long time. With the game just a few weeks away, it's time to take a deeper - and yet still brief - dive into more things the game will offer!


LIVE A LIVE-New Trailers

blank New trailers for LIVE A LIVE, Square Enix’s upcoming HD-2D jrpg for the Nintendo Switch, have been released. You can check them out below, along with some thoughts on each of them. LIVE A LIVE features multiple characters and multiple stories, much like Octopath Traveler. The biggest difference is that each of the stories takes place in a different time period and setting. The first trailer here shows off a story that takes place in the distant feature. The setting…


Why Diamond Dynasty is Great, but not for Everyone

blank Whenever a new sports game drops in the Roffel household, I can guarantee you that one mode always gets played more than others. In NHL, it will be Hockey Ultimate Team, and in FIFA (now EA FC) it will always be Football Ultimate Team. So, when PlayStation Canada sent over a copy of MLB The Show 22, I figured Diamond Dynasty would be my go-to mode. And it was, for a bit.


Playmobil Review – Water Park with Slides

blank Last year, the fantastic folks at Playmobil were nice enough to send over their early learning Playmobil sets, 1-2-3 Aqua which my 2.5 year old son absolutely loved. Unlike regular Playmobil, no small pieces were included with these sets that we reviewed. Everything was really big and chunky, easy to grab and easy to play with. He had a blast. Now at 3.5 years old, he's begun to invest more of his time in more complex Playmobil sets, and because of his love for all things water, we knew ...


Switch Throwback – How Good was Little Dragons Cafe?

blank Over the past few weeks, I've been diving into my Nintendo Switch library to play some old games that I haven't touched in a long time. One of those games was the highly anticipated Little Dragons Café, and while I remember being disappointed with the game when it first launched, I'm really enjoying it now.


Minecraft Day is May 17th, and The LEGO Group Has New Sets!

blank If you've been following along with the site over the past year, you know we have done a ton of LEGO reviews! One of the few franchises we haven't really touched on in a long while is Minecraft, and we hope to change that tomorrow in light of Minecraft Day! Let's see what new sets are coming from The LEGO Group.


Mini Motorways the Perfect Switch Experience

blank The one good thing about subscription services is that you can get a lot of games for one somewhat low monthly price. The bad news is when games launch on a subscription service and that is the ONLY way to play them. That's how it is for many games on Apple Arcade, and while these games do often make it to other platforms, it can take a long time. That is the case for Mini Motorways, a game available on Apple Arcade for a long whie now, and just recently launching on Nintendo Switch.