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Gucci to make limited edition Xbox Bundles

blank Today, Xbox and Gucci announced they’ll join forces to celebrate two iconic milestones: Xbox’s 20th anniversary and Gucci’s 100th birthday. In a meeting of tech innovation and tradition, we’re excited to unveil the first-ever, limited-edition Gucci Xbox Bundle available to purchase globally on November 17. Nodding to the past, present and future of the long-intertwined gaming and fashion communities, the collectable set is designed to celebrate and promote self-expression. To honor its ...


Rolling Realms Review

blank Being able to review a Stonemaier game is always a treat. Even if the game concept isn't resonating with you, the components are always top notch and make playing any game enjoyable. Rolling Realms doesn't have that same component flair, so could a few dry erase cards, markers, and and an oversized die create what I needed in a board game experience? Yes, yes it did!


Asmodee and Kids – Holiday Fun – Rhino Hero Junior

blank Games for kids ages 2+ can not only be difficult to find, but to play as well. Some companies struggled to find a nice balance between something educational and something fun, generally going too educational and forgetting that the experience has to be enjoyable. And while I definitely cannot play Rhino Hero Junior as a competitor alongside my young kids, it is still fun to see their brains work while having fun.


Asmodee and Kids – Holiday Fun – Animals Upon Animals

blank Last week Thursday - our regularly scheduled game night in the Roffel household - a big box of board games arrived from Asmodee Canada, two of which were aimed at young kids. While slightly outside my youngest age range - he's 3, and the one game suggested 4+ - we still opened up two of them to see how he would like them. Let's take a quick peak at Animals Upon Animals - Christmas Edition and, in a future article, Rhino Hero Junior. Let's take a look!


Forza Horizons 5 Reminds Me How Good Game Pass Is

blank The launch of Forza Horizon 5 has once again solidified with me how it is without a doubt the best online subscription service for video games. Not only is Microsoft providing us with a ton of new games month-to-month, but are still releasing ALL first party titles on the service. On day one. Outstanding.


Wrapping Animal Crossing DLC in NSO is Brilliant for Consumers

blank One of the many benefits of paying for something like Xbox Game Pass is that it allows me to try some first party games that normally I would not have shelled money our for. I actually wrote about this a while ago when it came to Flight Simulator, a game that I wanted to try, ultimately hated, and glad I didn't spend full retail price on. And once again, DLC wrapped into a service has saved me money. And this time, I'm shocked to say it's Animal Crossing.


The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf is Fun, Albeit Rough on Nintendo Switch

blank The age old debate of whether or not good gameplay can offset a poor looking game is likely to continue for folks who are looking to pick up The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf on Nintendo Switch. To be clear, the graphical issues I encountered while playing the game do not seem to be present on the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game, as friends have told me. But on the Switch, the game just doesn't look great and crisp, but I enjoyed it none-the-less. Why? Let's check it out.


Peppa Pig (Stadia)

blank Outright Games are at it again, the last few months have been absolute insane with game releases. My Friend Peppa was one of my most anticipated titles to be released. Having toddlers at home, Peppa has been a staple in our family for years. Get ready to explore Peppa’s world.


The Good Life – Interesting Take on Narrative Adventures

blank When I rolled the credits on The Good Life, I wasn't exactly sure what to think. Was it good? I wasn't sure. Was it bad? Not really. Was it interesting? Heck yes, and ultimately I think that turns the tables and makes what might normally just be an OK game into something much more enjoyable. Confused yet? Good - let's talk.


LEGO Holiday Gift Guide for those Adults in Your Life

blank Last year, our LEGO gift guide for Holiday 2020 was heavily focused on kids LEGO franchises like Ninjago, Toy Story, and more. This year, LEGO rolled out a new seeding program for reviewers here in Canada, and while it might have meant less sets to review in total, it did mean we could make more extravagant requests, which we most definitely did.