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Ben 10: Power Trip on Stadia

blank It's been a long while since I took a Ben 10 game for a spin, but thanks to our friends at Google, we had that opportunity over the weekend. And while it's not the longest game available on the platform, it probably fits nicely with the audience the game is targeting - kids! 


LEGO Off-Road Buggy Review

blank We've reviewed a ton of sets in 2021 thanks to our good friends at the LEGO Group, and when I originally reached out to pick up our last review item of 2021, I decided to go in a totally new direction - LEGO Technic. I've reviewed City sets, Ninjago sets, Ideas sets, and more. But I've never purchased a Technic set, let alone reviewed one. So our good friends were able to send the LEGO Off-Road Buggy for review. While only featuring roughly 375 pieces, it was easily the toughest build of 2021.


Halloween with Asmodee – The Ghosts of Castle Turnwall

blank My wife and I have found it fairly difficult to find kids games that can be somewhat fun for adults to play as well. While we both don't expect to be overjoyed when it comes to a kids game, there is only so much Candy Land, Snakes and Ladders, and other such kids games that we can take, week in and week out. Luckily, kids games from other game developers have become better and better over the past few years, and The Ghosts of Castle Turnwall is one of those titles.


Age of Empires 4 – The List Review

blank Welcome to our first ever "The List Review" segments on We are looking at Age of Empires 4, kindly provided by Xbox Canada, and reviewed by Seth Roffel. List reviews will be quick reviews on popular franchises where the core gameplay is well known, but some of the specific ins and outs of the title might not be so apparent. So, without further ado, our The List Review for Age of Empires IV!


Silicon City Where your Dream City Become True

blank Ever Wonder when you wake up in the morning, after getting a cup of coffee and as soon as you are ready to start the day, you look outside and wonder who the architecture is who design this amazing city I am living now. Well now you can take the role of a city-builder in this fun Simulation Game Called Silicon City from Polycorne where you have the power to bring out your creativity in this amazing game to build one of the best cities where all your citizens will be happy.


Halloween with Asmodee – Obscurio

blank Ready for some spooky adventures with friends? As we move closer to Halloween we have been looking at a ton of Halloween-type games that Asmodee sent over. Today, we are doing a deep dive into Obscurio, a fantastic title that will not only give you those Halloween thrills, but also something you can get to the table at any time during the year. Let's check it out!


New Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controllers Available from PDP Gaming

blank Our friends at PDP Gaming have always been good to us, and that includes sending over three brand new Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controllers. These controllers build on the already impressive line of Faceoff Deluxe+ controllers that PDP offers, but instead of going with the outstanding colour options, we are getting character specific designs.


Let’s Build a Zoo Coming November 5th and We’ve Played It!

blank If you've been itching to play a new Zoo Tycoon inspired adventure on your PC, then Let's Build a Zoo might scratch that itch. While it is definitely much different than classic Zoo Tycoon, there is enough the same to scratch that nostalgic itch and enough new to keep you entertained for hours on end. I've been playing it a bit, and have enjoyed the experience so far.


Halo Infinite Campaign showcased today

blank After not hearing or seeing a peep about it in over a year, Microsoft finally pulled pack the curtain a little on the Halo Infinite campaign today in a video showcase. While they have been very forthcoming in letting folks know all about (and even play a bunch of times) the multiplayer aspects of the game. Little has been showing in a long time, last time we saw it there was much industry disappointment with outdated graphics (see Craig). After…


Something is Missing in Mario Party: Superstars

blank Mario Party: Superstars is about to land on the Nintendo Switch, and for as many ways that this latest entry is doing things right, there are things it's most definitely going to do wrong, in the eyes of EVERY single person who plays it. And it's really not a fault of the development team, but more so an issue with creating remastered collections. You ultimately will forget something.