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Kingdom Hearts On Steam is Massive

I woke up this morning to perhaps the most important low-key video game news of the year. The Kingdom Hearts series is finally hitting Steam. Those not in the know might shrug their shoulders at this news. There’s a good chance that most people in the know won’t give a damn. A hodge-podge of PS2, PS4, PSP and 3DS games reaching an app on a platform they were already available on? Yawn, right? Wrong. This signals a change in priorities…

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Why Perspectives is my Favorite Detective Board Game

I have to start this article by issuing an apology to Asmodee Canada – many months ago, Asmodee sent over a box of games to review, and somehow Perspectives landed on a shelf it wasn’t supposed to be on, and we missed reviewing it all together. I also have to apologize to myself, because I could have been playing one of the best detective board games currently available, but instead it was sitting on a shelf hidden among the 100s…

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Gestalt: Steam & Cinder Delayed, But Definitely Worth The Wait

When I played Gestalt: Steam & Cinder during Steam Next Fest last year, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I was just interested in trying out every Metroidvania and this fell into that category. When I tell you that I fell in love with the demo of this game, it ended up being my most anticipated Metroidvania of 2024. Developed by Metamorphosis Games, published by Fireshine Games and executive produced by gaming personalities Jesse Cox and Dodger,…

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Not-E3 is Nearly Upon Us – Here’s What We Need

It’s nearly that time of year when – for a week or two – there’s actual game news. And this not-E3 might be the most important yet. Since the actual E3 died a death, publishers have collectively decided that June is still a good time to share your big marketing push for the coming year and beyond. And while I miss the organisation, pomp and cringe of the proper show, what we’ve got now is still better than the nothing…

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Prime Video Announces New Series Based on iconic ‘Tomb Raider’ Franchise

Today, Prime Video announced it has ordered a new series based on the iconic Tomb Raider video game franchise as part of a deal between Crystal Dynamics and Amazon MGM Studios. The series will be written and executive produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and will premiere exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. This exciting news builds upon the previously announced collaboration between Crystal Dynamics and Amazon Games to develop and publish a new multiplatform Tomb…

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Altered Trading Card Game Preview

Earlier this week, Asmodee Canada invited me to their Canada Plays Trade Show in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Although this event is primarily for retailers to meet with distributors, a few select media folks were invited to attend as well, and it was well worth the trip. One of my favourite moments was getting to demo the upcoming Trading Card Game, Altered. In Altered, players will be using their own decks to move both a companion and a hero from opposite sides…

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Executives: How Hard is it to Stop F***ing Up?

There was a time when I’d write about games. Now I write about how industry executives keep stepping on rakes. I should preface this by saying I’m not the multimillionaire executive of a trillion dollar company, so perhaps the line between “making customers happy” and “destroying an entire brand in a fire” is thinner than you might think. Xbox this week shuttered two popular studios for reasons beyond public comprehension. There are probably reasons, but their marketing policy makes giving…

blank News 2 months ago

Tango and Xbox Closures Are A Huge Mistake For The Brand

It seems like five minutes ago that Xbox didn’t have the studios to maintain its first party offerings. Now they have the benefit of closing them down. It’s easy to be emotional over news like this. Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin, Roundhouse Games and Alpha Dog will no longer exist. And while I’m sure there are internal things that we don’t see here, there is little that can justify studio closures outside of the obvious. It’s just cheaper to shut ’em…

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Jazwares Unveils New Micro Galaxy Squadron for Star Wars Day (May 4th)

Get ready for Star Wars Day with Jazwares' Micro Galaxy Squadron collectibles. Collect starships and create your own Star Wars fleet.

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Fractured Sky – Rift Expansion Kickstarter Live Today

The good folks at IV Studio have launched their campaign for the first expansion for their popular area control, resource management title Fractured Sky! The campaign will allow you to pick up the very exclusive - and hard to find outside of this campaign - Super Deluxe version which we unboxed and reviewed! You can see the campaign by clicking here, but also heck out the livestream (or VOD) to celebrate today's launch!