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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Overview

blank It’s another year and that means another FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is ready to be put together. All that card collecting you loved to do as a kid now has a purpose, as you open packs of virtual cards to attempt and create the best FUT team possible. I’ve been at the game for about two weeks now, and have immensely enjoyed my time with FUT. What’s changed? Let’s take a look! The biggest change you will see this year…


More Details on the Google Pixel Watch

blank During today's Google showcase, fans of the tech giant were not only treated to new information about the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, but also Google's upcoming Google Pixel Watch. With a sleek design that would fit any professional look, Google is looking to compete with Apple in the smart watch space, and perhaps dethrone Smasung as the leader in Android smart watch technology. Was what they showed today enough to convince you? Let's take a look!


Let’s talk to the Redboon studio’s head about the idea of the creation of Knock on the Coffin Lid

blank Hello everyone! Knock on the coffin lid is a plot-driven, rogue-like card game with a twisted story that any classic fantasy novel would envy. Dynamic card battles in the epic setting of the magical world await you! Make difficult decisions that directly affect the course of events. Learn new details of the fascinating story which the characters of the game were pulled into by the will of fate. It’s time to talk to the Redboon studio head Andrei Medvedev himself.…


More Details on Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

blank During their live showcase today, Google offered up more information on the upcoming Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro. The new phone shave a slick new look, and are powered by the next-gen Google Tensor processor and will be running Android 13. The phones look sleek, and Google is saying all the right things, but what else can we glean from today's presentation?


Play The Last of Us to Get Excited About the Upcoming Show

blank When it was announced that a show was being created around The Last of Us, I was less than excited. In fact, I was completely indifferent. I thought it was just because I wasn't interested in the subject matter, but I also had to be honest with myself - I didn't know what hte subject matter was, because I had never played the game. When PlayStation Canada sent over a copy of the game for me to stream on my YouTube channel, my desire to watch went from non-existent to overwhelmingly excited. ...


Hokko Life a Fun, but Flawed, Experience

blank I've been playing Hokko Life for a few weeks now, and have been enjoying it. Well, at least I've been enjoying it for the most part. In a time when farming and village simulation games seem to be a dime-a-dozen, you really need to make sure you have a great product, with as few issues as possible. With Hokko Life, the premise is definitely here, but there are a few things that are drawing me out of the experience. If it wasn't for having a YouTube channel, would I keep going with this?


LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach Starter Set

blank It's been well over a year since LEGO Super Mario first launched, and again, I must admit my error when I said the franchise would be a total flop based on the chunky characters you play with. LEGO Super Mario has been a massive hit, and the third playable character has finally launched, Princess Peach. While the Adventures with Peach Starter Course is similar to that of Mario and Luigi, I do think it's the best of the bunch if you are just getting started. Let's look at why


Brio World Bringing New Trains this Holiday Season

blank If there is one thing we enjoy at the Roffel house it's the Christmas season. Friends and family visiting, stockings, and of course, the tree. We always put up two trees each year - one 'adult' tree with beautiful ornaments and an obvious theme, and one 'kids' tree, which is just a mishmash of gifted ornaments and other cool little trinkets. We've always wanted to get a Christmas train to run around the base of the kids tree, but the plastic ones you find at the story were always to cheaply ...


Gravitrax is Once Again a Holiday Must Own

blank Over the past few years, GamesReviews has had the pleasure of reviewing a number of different toys from a number of different companies. One stands out much higher than the rest - Gravitrax. Having kids was great because I was able to relive some of the great toys and concepts from my childhood. One of those toys was the marble track - the ones I had as a kid were pretty basic, with large coloured tracks stacking together to make a neat, although sometimes boring creation. While Gravitrax ...


PGA Tour 2K23 Course Designer Upgrades Unveiled

blank Today 2K released their third installment of the clubhouse, providing us more news as we get closer and closer to launch. This time it’s all about embracing the community and course designing. Course Designer received the following upgrades in 2K23: Interface has been overhauled to provide smoother access to all design tools. New cursor selection offers easier access to objects on the course. New spline tool streamlines the process of creating walls and fences, including on sloped ...