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Why I Don’t Review Games on Board Game Arena

Here at GamesReviews we get approached more and more often by publishers and developers to check out their games and give our impressions of them. With board games, the process of doing a review is a lot more involved than it is with a video game. You have to wait for the game to be shipped to you, wait for your next game night, play it a few times over a few weeks, before even beginning the process of writing a review. With video games, it's generally a very solo experience. With board games, you are often relying on others to get your work done. As more and more games become available on Board Game Arena, a virtual table where games can be played with people around the globe, we get more pitches to play and review games on that system, as opposed to getting a physical game in the ...

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What Do We Want From Switch 2?

The evidence is mounting. Switch 2 is coming this year, and could be announced as soon as next month. I’ve been pretty vocal about the need for an upgrade. As someone who has a good 4KTV and little interest in a handheld, visuals have been a barrier for a long, long time. Controversies over issues – especially Pokemon-shaped issues – have done little to make me more interested. My Switch became a Smash machine and, frankly, it’s probably still my…

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Microsoft: How Not To Handle a Crisis

It’s been fascinating to watch the fallout from the Xbox third party rumours this week. But what’s been more fascinating is Microsoft’s complete lack of response to them. The gaming community has hit fever pitch. If I wrote an article about how the next Xbox was going to charge you per hour of gaming time, it’d get picked up and shared by people desperate for any bit of negative news. It would be treated as fact. For context, this is…

Champions feat Articles, News 4 months ago

Champions! Review

Champions! offers a unique twist on the party game genre, immersing players in a whirlwind of crazy tournament-style duels where characters chosen by the players battle it out for the coveted title of Champion! The game's play style revolves around predicting which of the eight candidates will emerge victorious through three intense rounds of play, making it an engaging and unpredictable experience for all involved.

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More Thoughts From Me: Staring At the Ghosts of New Eden

New Eden. 1695. There’s a curse and ghosts are everywhere. Banishers are out and about trying to figure out whats going on and getting rid of the ghosts too. Welcome to Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. The game is coming out next week and I just heard about it. Let’s talk about this game! I was on Twitter (yes I still call it Twitter) and the amazing Bex, reviewer and gamer, mentioned that they were going to review a game…

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The Lord of the Rings 5e – Role playing in Middle Earth?

I’ve never been a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan, nor have I played many 5e RPG experiences. Why? Honestly, perhaps it is a lack of imagination, or a lack of desire to play something I’m not really familiar with. I’m sure I’m missing out on a great time, but it’s really how I feel. When Free League Publishing reached out and offered us the chance to try out the Lord of the Rings RPG, I was instantly intrigued. I love…

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Mythwind | The Merchant | First Impressions

The more difficult the character, the more fun it is to play? That definitely seems to be the case for The Merchant!

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Baffling Xbox First Party Shift is a Ridiculous Gambit

Xbox look set to release all of their games onto PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, and in the very near future. And despite a large amount of theorising, that’s about all we know. But that is bad enough. This is very much a breaking news story, and I held off writing anything in the hopes that Microsoft were sensible enough to put out an official statement overnight. But it hasn’t happened. A variety of leakers and insiders have confirmed separately that…

photo tour feat Articles, News 5 months ago

Spotlight: Photo Tour Kickstarter

Photo Tour is an upcoming game from Timashov Publishing, a Canadian board game company based in beautiful British Columbia. Their focus is creating high-quality family board games with exceptional artwork and engaging gameplay. As the name suggests, the card art is simply stunning in Photo Tour, and the gameplay looks pretty interesting as well. Let's take a look!

blank Articles, News 5 months ago

REALMZ™ Gaming Accessories out NOW

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, enthusiasts are constantly seeking new ways to elevate their experiences. Enter REALMZ™, a groundbreaking line of uniquely collectible gaming accessories that not only serve as controllers and headsets but also transport gamers into the heart of their favorite virtual realms. Let’s delve into the exciting features that make REALMZ™ a must-have for any gaming aficionado. Explore the REALMZ: Unlock New Dimensions of Gaming REALMZ™ brings a novel approach to gaming accessories by seamlessly integrating…