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Tales of the Shire Is the Adaptation We Need

I watched the trailer for Tales of the Shire yesterday, and instantly decided it wasn’t going to be my thing. You know what it is? Exactly the kind of gaming adaptations we need. Life sims are huge right now. Will any of these games still be rated especially well in a decade? Enjoy before the wave comes crashing down, because man the weight of some of these titles is starting to feel heavy. And I start this article from pointing…

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Fallout Is Big Again – Now Where’s The Tie-In?

The Fallout TV series is very popular, and people are hungry to enjoy the games that inspired it. Four Fallout games were in the top ten on Steam in Europe following the show’s debut. So it’s fantastic news that the next game is probably still a decade out. Yes, we have the Fallout 4 update next week, and that’ll scratch the itch. And obviously there’s Fallout London and other fan made stuff on the horizon. But the point of this…

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Fallout Season 1 Review

War. War never changes. And what about Fallout? Is the tv show the same as the game? What about the music? The visuals? The story? Welcome to our review of Fallout season 1. Spoiler Warning! Fallout the video game was about the world after it ended. We never really found out why the world ended. We saw maybe a little bit before it ended and then the game was set all the way after. Fallout Season 1, on the other…

blank News 1 month ago

Should We Tip For Great Games?

Oh lord, keep with me on this one, people. Tipping is controversial at the best of times. A suggestion that we bring a tip option to video games is going to be met with all kinds of resistance. But you know, it makes sense. When we look back over the last decade or so, it’s obvious that something was going to give. Games have become more expensive to make at the same time as gamers coming to expect more for…

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Is Lara Croft Really The Most Iconic Game Character?

Lara Croft has been named the most iconic video game character of all time by the BAFTA Games Awards and my first thought was “what?” I mean, it makes sense. As someone who remembers the magazine covers, the cardboard cut-outs and the rave reviews from balding middle-aged non-gamer dads, I get it. She was the first character I remember truly transcending the medium. Mario and Sonic (mostly Sonic) might be more obvious. But they didn’t have a quarter of the…

blank News 2 months ago

Remembering the Geforce Leak

There’s an interesting thread over at Resetera where a poster has dug out the remaining games not yet officially announced from the infamous Geforce Now leak. Nearly three years of confirmations have proven what a treasure trove this leak turned out to be, and that makes the titles still remaining conspicuous in their absence. And even more so for the potential some of them have. The post, which has been put together by Mocha Joe, hints at cancelled or yet-to-be…

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Table Golf Association – Welcome to Meeple Beach Kickstarter Preview

GamesReview is always excited when we are considered for Kickstarter preview coverage, but we still only choose to preview games we think we will enjoy. The trouble with doing preview work is you walk that fine line between being a marketing tool and actually providing solid coverage on a game. Thankfully, I’ve been having a blast with Welcome to Meeple Beach from the Table Golf Association, so everything you are about to read is my legitimate thoughts! Outside of sending…

blank News 2 months ago

Growth, Games and the Whys of PS5 Pro

Two things have come out of an understandably muted Game Developers Conference. The first is that the keyword is growth, and executives everywhere are trying to find it. The second is that this year’s PS5 Pro hasn’t done enough to sell itself. Granted, it hasn’t been officially announced yet. But behind closed doors, developers are wondering exactly what it brings to the table. It’s a hard question to answer. From a consumer perspective, the answer is “more”. But more what?…

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More Mythwind Available now via Kickstarter

A brand new Mythwind campaign is launching today and you can get brand new content plus all the old stuff too!

blank News 2 months ago

GameGenic Products are Top of Class – Star Wars: Unlimited

Over the past few weeks, I have been playing Star Wars: Unlimited a lot, and one of the common factors across all my games is that I’m using a plethora of GameGenic products day-in and day-out, and all of them are must haves for those looking to invest in this game. From playmats to boxes, here is a quick review of all the products GameGenic was nice enough to send to us to review! Acrylic Tokens Unlike other Trading Card…