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LEGO Galaxy Explorer LEGO Set Review

blank When I saw that the LEGO Galaxy Explorer had about 1200 pieces in it, I was expecting a fairly decent build, but nothing compared to the sets I've reviewed that had 1000s upon 1000s of pieces. Boy was a I wrong. Earlier this month we detailed sets that would be nostalgic for adults in 2022, and we listed this set as one of them. Now we are here to tell you why it is so good, and why it would make a great gift this holiday season!


Elite Trainer Boxes are the Perfect Holiday Gift

blank When it comes to beginning your Pokémon Trading Card Game collection, there are really only two places to start if you plan to actually play the game. If you are just going to collect cards, any pack or box set will do. But if you want to play, that is a different story. The starter decks allow for players to get going right away with no effort. But Elite Trainer Boxes give players almost everything they need to start crafting their very own decks


Two New Pokémon Build A Bear Plushies Coming to Retail

blank One of the better line of plush toys available from Build-A-Bear has to be the Pokémon characters. This might be followed closely by the Super Mario characters, but there is something about the Pokémon Plush toys that just make a lot of sense! Today, the Pokémon Company International and Build-A-Bear announced a brand new Pokémon plush coming to the retailer, as well as an older favourite coming back!


Go to the next Level with Gravitrax Power

blank I've said it many times before that I think Gravitrax is the best toy currently available on the market. Yes, that is a bold statement, but if assess the amount of money it would cost to buy the Gravitrax sets I currently own, and divide that by how much my kids have played with the toy, it is easily number one. Recently, Ravensburger sent over Gravitrax Power, which adds, well, power! Now my kids can create better marble runs and so much more. This set comes with a fairly high price point, ...


80 Days and Overboard! Collection a Must Own for Switch Owners

blank Over the past year, I've really been embracing indie experiences, and two of my favourites this year are coming from Inkle studios. Recently released as a physical two pack, I got the opportunity to play both games, and had such a good time. Let's take a quick look at 80 Days and Overboard!


Hot Toys this Holiday from Jazware

blank Jazwares has the outstanding opportunity to bring some of the best franchises in the world to life via various toys and activities, and recently we had a chance to look at a few toys from this fantastic company. Where appropriate throughout this guide, we will publish our opinions on various toys. So without further ado, let’s check out what Jazwares has for you this holiday season! We will add more to this gift guide as we try out more Jazware…


Pony Farm from Playmobil is the Companies Best Set?

blank When you have the opportunity to review a lot of products from one company, you quickly realize what works and what doesn't. With each Playmobil set I've reviewed, I've generally been really pleased with what my kids and I have experienced. Unfortunately, there are times when a set doesn't quite meet the expectations of myself, and perhaps Playmobil either. Over the last week, we have reviewed two large Playmobil sets, the Wiltopia Animals Care Station and the Pony Farm. We looked at the ...


Harvestella- Launch Trailer

blank Harvestella, a new game from Square Enix, is out today for the Nintendo Switch. The game is very much “Final Fantasy meets Harvest Moon”. Check out the launch trailer and our thoughts on the game below! Harvestella is out today for the Nintendo Switch! In Harvestella, you can farm, fish, raise livestock and fight monsters. Yes, the game is a lot like Rune Factory, but with a touch of Final Fantasy or Bravely Default. The battle system isn’t turn based;…


Pentiment and God of War Ragnarok

blank One of the signs that gaming is growing up is when you have two games so totally different vying for people’s attention this November. God of War and Pentiment couldn’t be any more different – but expect a lot of chat about them going forward. That’s not to say they should be compared, although inevitably they will be. But with both games now gold, and almost ready to be played, there’s a good chance that Game of the Year talks…


The Best 2K Games to Play this Holiday Season

blank Our friends at 2K have launched a number of stellar titles this year, and we wanted to wrap them all up and put a shiny bow on what was a great year for the studio. With the holiday's around the corner, here are a few titles we think you should check out from 2K Games. Where appropriate, we have linked to our reviews of the games in case you want more information! Without further ado, let's hop in!