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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: Starfield looks AMAZING

blank I watched the Xbox/Bethesda showcase today and I thought…well…it was okay. It started out well and it ended well, but the middle was a bit of mess. Diablo IV looked great but there were a lot of smaller games too that looked just alright. It wasn’t Xbox’s best showing. That said, Starfield completely knocked my socks off. What an amazing looking game. Let’s talk about it! Starfield has been teased for awhile. Its from the creators of Elder Scrolls and…


The Bat Fairy Ruins Playmobil Review

blank Fantasy and Playmobil might not seem like the greatest combination, but…oh who are we kidding! It’s a fantastic combination, and when we had the opportunity to build one of the larger sets from the Ayuma series we were really excited! Let’s dive into the Bat Fairy Runes!


Short but Worth It? Behind the Frame

blank It's not that often that a video game actually provides less hours-per-dollars-spent than a movie at a theatre. In Canada, to see a movie now is about 11.99 CAD and you will get 1.75 - 2 hours of enjoyment for your money. In Behind the Frame, you will actually pay more money than that, and get less time out of it. At 14.49 CAD, the game isn't the most expensive thing on the eShop, but with only about an hour of fun to be had, is it worth it?



Razer World Env 2 Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, celebrated World Environment Day, by announcing that the Basilisk V3 and the DeathAdder Essential are the first gaming mice to achieve an ECOLOGO® certification by global safety science leader, UL. The mice have passed UL2710, the Outline of Investigation for Sustainability for Portable Electronics, which certifies them as sustainable products. 


Microsoft Reveals New Controller and Plans for Pride Month 2022

blank Microsoft and Xbox have released a new controller option over at the design lab to celebrate pride month 2022. While similar to the one they did last year this one offers a bit more detail allowing you to customize this design that brings together 34 different community flags into one design. It will be available for purchase via the Xbox Design Lab starting June 9 and will be available year-round.   In addition to that they are also doing the…


Silt is an Interesting Experience

blank If you've played Limbo, you might already have an idea of what to expect when you load up Silt for the first time. It has a similarly eerie feel, beautiful black and white graphics, and a multitude of puzzles that need to be solved. But can Silt recreate the amazing feel you got when playing Limbo? Let's take a look!


Citadels Board Game Review

blank Board game remakes and reprints are on the rise, and Citadels is one of those titles that has received a glossy coat of paint, included all previous expansions, and has been relaunched for public consumption. As someone who owned the original in that tiny box, it's nice to have a complete set of the game to enjoy, and I think it's a worthwhile upgrade to make.


iRobot announced iRobot OS

blank Today, iRobot announced iRobot OS, an evolution of the company’s Genius Home Intelligence platform. If you've been following the site for a while now, you know how much we've enjoyed the various iRobot models we have been able to review. Both the i7+ and the j7+ have performed really well in our home, and both are still activly roaming our floors on a daily basis.


Game Announcement Timing is Killing Titles

blank This morning, rumors began to swirl around the brand new Fable game being developed by Playground Games. The rumor is that because of an inability to work with the current engine, the development team has had to scale back the quality of the game. Rumors are just that, rumors. But it does highlight one major problem with the video game industry - the announcement of games too early.


Two Point Campus Previews Have Dropped

blank There are a handful of games I am looking forward to in 2022, but number one on my list might shock a few people. Seeing as I hold Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in my top 5 Switch games of all of time, you would expect that, should it launch this year, Spark of Hope will be my number one! Nope, it's actually a simulation game called Two Point Campus, and it's something I cannot wait for!