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Fractured Sky – Rift Expansion Kickstarter Live Today

The good folks at IV Studio have launched their campaign for the first expansion for their popular area control, resource management title Fractured Sky! The campaign will allow you to pick up the very exclusive – and hard to find outside of this campaign – Super Deluxe version which we unboxed and reviewed! You can see the campaign by clicking here, but also heck out the livestream (or VOD) to celebrate today’s launch!


Here is more on Fractured Sky: Rift:

Colorful Rift Starfalls are now falling from the sky. The more of a color you can collect, the better the offering you can present to the numen. Concentrate your efforts on completing sets in order to take advantage of their multiplied rewards.

Good luck to IV Studio on their campaign, and be sure to check it out! We LOVED our time with Fractured Sky – in the board game review world, you can only keep so many games around after you finish a review cycle, and more games go out the door than stay on the shelves. This, along with the other great IV Studio games (Moonrakers, Mythic Mischief), are staying on our shelves because we love them so much!

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