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The AmazingAmerican Circus Deeper Than I Thought

blank Based on the few trailers I saw for The Amazing American Circus, I thought I was going to be playing a weird card game about a circus. A good card game, mind you, but not one with monsters and fantasy warriors. Nope, just a regular circus troupe. But after getting into the game's story, I realized it was so much more, for better or for worse. What do I think of this title - let's dive in!



blank Today, Razer announced the launch of their most advanced controller ever, the Wolverine V2 Chroma. Playable on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles as well as PC, Razer has taken decades of competitive excellence and R&D from their best-in-class PC peripherals lines and engineered these learnings into the all-new Wolverine V2 Chroma. Features include:


EPOS Expands H3 Series with H3 Hybrid and H3PRO Hybrid

blank Today, EPOS revealed the USB-connected H3 Hybrid and wireless H3PRO Hybrid gaming headsets, providing high-quality digital audio experiences and new features for a wide range of immersive experiences for all gamers. 


Monster Harvest Does Things Good, but not Great

blank I've been looking forward to playing Monster Harvest for a long time now - a game that moulds the concepts of Pokémon with Stardew Valley / Harvest Moon? Sign me up! And while I've enjoyed my time with the game - as short as it was, surprisingly - I can't help but feel that I came out of the whole experience a tad disappointed in what was offered. Is Monster Harvest Worth it? Let's take a look.


Everything from the Playstation Showcase

blank While absent from this year’s E3, Sony came out swinging in yesterday’s presentation that has some (including myself) wondering…..did they just win E3? There was a ton to digest here from further looks at titles we knew about to a bunch of new announcements and first looks. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. Death loop was shown….again. Despite being less than a week away, we got another look at Deathloop, definitely one of the low points of the show…


Streets of Rage 4 Anywhere and Everywhere (Google Stadia)

blank Being able to play games wherever I want is outstanding. Whether on my various TVs around the house - sometimes natively via the TV and other times via my Chromecast with Google TV - on my cell phone, any of my get the picture. While not a huge fighting game fan, Streets of Rage 4 was something I could dive into for a few moments at a time, anywhere in my house, and I really enjoyed the experience.


iRobot Introduces Roomba(R) j7+ Robot Vacuum with Genius™ 3.0 Home Intelligence

blank I've always been skeptical of robot vacuums, but in late 2019, iRobot gave me the opportunity to look at the Roomba i7+ which included a robot and a base station for disposal. Even after getting the product, setting it up, and using it a few times, I was still really skeptical that it would fit my families needs. Then we learned the 'proper' use of the system, and began setting up scheduled clean up times. Monday-Wednesday-Friday in the Kitchen and Dinning Room, Tuesday-Thursday in the ...


LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block Coming October 1st

blank Nintendo and LEGO continue to partner on some outstanding sets, and thankfully we have had the privilidge to review most of these. But the companies just don't stop, highlighted yet again today by the stealth drop of another LEGO Super Mario set. And while this one will work with the Mario and Luigi starter set figures, it is a completely different set than the others. This micro build set will feature 4 iconic levels from Super Mario 64, a handful of micro figures, and a Question Mark ...


All In On the Animal Crossing x Puma Lineup (Gallery)

blank I've always enjoy Puma products, although their shoes are sometimes a bit narrow for my wide feet. Last year, we took a look at the NES shoes from Puma, and really enjoyed the look and feel of those sneakers - still wearing them to this day! When the Animal Crossing x Puma collaboration was announced - featuring a few items, including a long sleeve shirt and sneakers - I knew I had to have them as soon as possible.


Yo-Kai Watch Translation Project – Chapter Six

blank Looks like Nate's dad left some valuable paperwork he needs for a meeting on the train station platform, so we need to head to downtown Springdale to make sure he has what he needs to close the client and get the sale! Can we help him in time?