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Nintendo to Launch Mobile Games in 2017: What Should we Expect?


Traditional consoles have stood the test of time owing to their dynamic, high-quality, gaming experiences. Gaming as a whole, however, has evolved drastically with time, with players relying heavily on new technology as their primary medium of play. Nintendo has not been partial to the shift, spending the last few years developing five games for release on smartphones in March 2017. The news, needless to say, has been taking the gaming world by storm.

The News

By March 2017, Nintendo will be releasing five highly-anticipated mobile games for play on smartphones. Finally listening to its fans who have complained about Nintendo ignoring mobile gaming for too long, the brand seems to have recognized the potential it may not be leveraging for itself until now.In partnership with mobile game developer giant, DeNA, Nintendo has been working heavily on programming a high-quality gaming experience for the impending release. Some industry followers claim that only five games, as a result of years of heavy programming doesn’t seem like much, but Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata claims the opposite. He plans for each game to be a unique hit and wants to be very careful about how each enters the mobile platform, as rushing the process with a stack of games might hinder the quality that he wants to maintain. In fact, the few games being developed have been labored on with regards to strategy and gameplay experience, ensuring the highest quality games will be available upon release. Further, Nintendo is working on a subscription based membership which will allow users to access the games on multiple devices using one common ID, providing for multiplayer experiences across platforms.

Which Games Should We Expect?

Unlike popular belief, Nintendo won’t be releasing its existing portfolio of games with this exclusive release. This is mainly attributed to the fact that porting an old game into a new platform may not be a possibility due to conflicting technologies. For instance, games such as Super Mario Brothers, although popular, may not offer the same gaming experience on a mobile device as it would on a console. So, what should fans expect?Nintendo’s most popular characters should be making appearances including Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and many more. Hideki Konno, producer of Mario Kart 8, has been heavily involved in producing a new game in time for the release, ensuring beloved characters are not lost in the process. It’s not clear what the exact games will be, but fans believe that Konno’s involvement will surely allow for an element of the past to reappear.

What Will The Technology Look Like?

As it now stands, Nintendo’s games are tied to its consoles or devices that they primarily operate on. However, this might soon change with DeNA’s involvement and Nintendo having to restructure the functionality of its technology in order to make it compatible with newer devices. It’s suspected that these newly launched games will be playable on consoles, smartphones, PCs and tablets. This essentially means that we’ll see Nintendo games playable on a variety of devices which will diversify the gaming experience, allowing fans to play with friends on any platform.

What Does The Industry Think?

The news regarding Nintendo’s newest venture is already having huge ramifications to the gaming industry. Online and mobile gaming companies and fanatics alike see the potential for huge changes and shifts within the industry to take place due to Nintendo’s pioneering efforts to enter a new market. With some seeing the news as threat, others are excited and eager to see what’s to come.Economically speaking, the company’s stock price has increased since the announcement, potentially reaching $30 billion soon enough, according to the Wall Street News. Further, Piers Harding-Rolls, director of research in gaming, states that,

Nintendo’s decision to partner with DeNA is a recognition of the importance of the games app audience to the future of its business. Not only is there significant revenue to be made directly from smartphone and tablet consumers for Nintendo, app ecosystems are also very important in reaching new customers to make them aware of the Nintendo brand and to drive a new and broader audience to its dedicated console business.


Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA will prove to be a lucrative one for its entry into mobile gaming.

Operators of other gaming platforms are also speaking up since Nintendo made the announcement. With online and mobile gaming taking precedence in the lucrative facets on entertainment via modern devices, the owners of such businesses also see Nintendo as a potential shaker in the territory they thought was primarily their own. Some operators claim that Nintendo’s quality assurance will take users away from their sites, seeking the premium experiences that Nintendo might offer. However, other gaming operators feel differently and less threatened. In fact, CheersBingo editor says “Nintendo might take the immediate attention of fans away from online bingo sites that have provided quality gaming experiences for ages, but fans are ultimately loyal. If they have learned to love and enjoy a game and are getting the experience they seek from the providers they’re accustomed to, Nintendo won’t serve as a threat. In fact, we look forward to the arrival of something new.”

Nintendo is setting precedence for a new wave of gaming to enter the mobile world. Those who have been waiting for the classic brand to make its entry into the mobile gaming realm need not wait much longer. Just two years from now, in March 2017, Nintendo might be able to prove to the industry that its games are here to stay for the long-haul.