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Family and Gaming: The Ideal PS4 Headset

Playing games while your kids are sleeping is a delicate balance between having your game audio on and still being able to hear your children who may be sleeping way across the house. One thing I’ve realized is that you CANNOT do it wearing an over-the-ear headset; you can’t hear if a child wakes up, cries, or even has coughing fits. There really isn’t a great alternative on the PS4 (or the Xbox One / Wii U for that matter) that will give you chat functionality and game audio without drowning out the needs of your kids.

pdp2If you’ve been following Games Reviews for a while, you know we have a great relationship with headset and controller manufacturer PDP Gaming, and their Afterglow brand. We’ve purchased and reviewed some of their products, and have had others sent to us at no charge. The quality of their products is always top notch, so when I received the PDP PS4 (PS3 and PC compatible) Wireless Communicator, I was really excited.

I’ve spent many hours playing games without sound after 10PM. My wife and kids are asleep, and to not wake them up and to keep an ear open for crying  children, I’ve just dealt with it. And it sucks, especially when I miss out on what might be happening in a cut scene, or not being able to chat with friends (while keeping some game audio). The last few nights have been completely different. 

The wireless communicator from PDP is NOT going to blow away other headsets, but by their own statement to me, that isn’t the point. It was built to be a discrete, small headset that provided both game audio and a chat ability. It delivers on both! Understand, it is a small, mono speaker: no big base, no surround, but still quality audio.

 What is amazing about this device is that it is also compatible with mobile devices. I’ve recently taken employment that will requrie travel; because of cell phone laws in Ontario, and the lack of wireless communication options in my vehicle, using this headset while a drive has been a great added bonus. All of this for less than 50.00! 

Again, it is not a headset that is going to blow you away in its audio quality. It should be used to compliment your other headsets for when you need to be aware of your surroundings. Perhaps you are waiting for a delivery and need to be able to hear the door, or are talking with friends in a room while also playing games. It’s a great way to maintain relationships around you – family and friends – while also enjoying your hobby. Before I received this headset, it was always one of two things: I was either playing games using my expensive Fener headset, or I was talking to my wife and not playing anything.

Now, I can do both.


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