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Hisense Q8G 4K ULED Android TV Review

Television units are becoming shockingly expensive again, after nearly a decade of prices slowly decreasing. Brand new technology, including brand new consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, are so powerful, they are demanding more from television sets than ever before. With the introduction of HDMI 2.1 - which will allow gamers to play games at 4K resolution at 120 frames per second - might be the single biggest contributor to increased prices. So what's a person to do if they want a 4K experience, but not shell out north of $1500? Look for where you get tons of features at one great price. That place is Hisense, and for me, that TV is the Q8G 4K QLED Android TV.

Google Gadget 6 Articles, News 4 years ago

Google Stadia Celebrates 1 Years with Updates and Info

It's been just over a year since Google Stadia launched, and despite there being hundreds and thousands of vocal critics, those that have actually tried and used the system are very impressed. Our team at GamesReviews falls into that category. With a year in the rearview mirror, Google is providing some updates on what to expect going forward for Google Stadia!

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How Well Does the Roomba i7+ Handle Cluttered Areas

Our home is just a few short weeks away from being torn apart and opened right up, but until then, Robby the Roomba is zooming around some fairly cramped quarters, most notably in our dinning room. Until today, anytime I sent Robby on a cleaning run in my dinning room, I would lift the chairs up onto the table as I would when I normally vacuumed the room by hand. Today after lunch, I decided to leave the chairs on the floor, and see how Robby navigated this mess.

Alcatel 1B main Articles, News 4 years ago

Alcatel 1X – How It’s Different than the 1B

Will from GamesReviews recently reviewed the Alcatel 1B smartphone, and came to a very reasonable conclusion - for a smart phone so cheap, it delivers a lot of bang for your actual bucks. And that sentiment also applies to the 1X, so instead of copy pasting the review and labeling it with a new header, go ahead and give that review a read, and see below the differences between the 1X and the 1B!

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Gaming on the Google Pixel 5

Video games are obviously the focus of what we do here at, although we've purposefully expanded into the tech space at the ask of our readers. Google has been a great partner with us on that journey, and you all have really been enjoying the content we put out. Anytime we do a tech review, however, we like tie it directly into gaming, and so today we are looking at gaming on the Google Pixel 5!

blank Articles, News 4 years ago

Google Pixel 5 Review

While 2020 begins a brand new decade, it also ushers in a new philosophy at Google when it comes to their lineup of Pixel phones. While rumored for most of the year, Google did in fact launch a Google Pixel 5, but did not include an XL model as in previous years. Google also opted to aim for a brand new price point with the Pixel 5, one that detangles them from the high end market and places them more appropriately in that mid-tier level. But with a number of downgrades to the device over the Google Pixel 4 XL, is there a reason to upgrade to the Pixel 5? 

Google Stadia logo Articles, News 4 years ago

Stadia Launches Free Access to Demos – Updated October 22

Beginning today, Google Stadia is offering numerous demos for folks to enjoy free of charge. No credit card is required to enjoy these demos - new ones launching the 20th, 21st and 22nd - but they are limited. Beginning today, folks can play a brand new PacMan demo! Here are more details from Google PR:

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Google Pixel 4a Review

The budget smart phone market has blown up over the past few years, and now all the major companies are trying to enter this market with their own phones, sacrificing build quality, power, and more, in order to get a phone at a budget price, while still turning a profit. Apple and Google have been at the forefront of this marketplace fight, with the iPhone SE and the Pixel 'a' series of phones. Thanks to our friends at Google Canada, we are currently using the brand new Pixel 4a smartphone, and early impressions are impressive!

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Google Unveils new Pixel Devices

Over the past few weeks, we have been using and reviewing the Pixel 4a, our pick for the best mid-market smart phone in 2020. While it wasn't a secret, it was good to see the 5G Pixel 4a today, as well as the brand new Pixel 5.

blank Articles, News 4 years ago

Google Announces their latest Smart Speaker – Nest Audio

During their 2020 Made by Google, Launch Night In showcase, Google announced the brand new Nest Audio smart speaker, which will be available in just a little while. While Google has released a number of different smart speakers over the years, it looks like new software will make the Nest Audio the premier smart speaker option this holiday season.