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Alcatel 1X – How It’s Different than the 1B

Will from GamesReviews recently reviewed the Alcatel 1B smartphone, and came to a very reasonable conclusion – for a smart phone so cheap, it delivers a lot of bang for your actual bucks. And that sentiment also applies to the 1X, so instead of copy pasting the review and labeling it with a new header, go ahead and give that review a read, and see below the differences between the 1X and the 1B!

Spec Differences

While we would argue that both phones are fantastic devices for the price – the 1X coming in slightly more expensive than the 1B – there are some slight differences between the two. The 1X is sporting a Quad Core processor as opposed to a Snapdragon that can be found in the 1B. Further, while the 1B supports 2GB of RAM, the 1X is only providing users with 1GB of RAM. Screen size is almost the same – the 1X coming in .2 inches smaller – but the battery in the 1B is much larger than the 1X.

Phone Quality Differences?

Outside of specs, there isn’t a ton different between the two devices. While both phones feature an accelerometer, only the 1X has build in gyroscope. Does this matter? Probably not – but it’s worth noting none-the-less.

The 1X and the 1B are not widely different, and that’s OK. The 1B is a year newer than the 1X, which is worth something to some folks. But regardless of which you buy, both are fantastic devices for the price!


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