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Why are Android Games So Popular Today?

When it comes to everyday entertainment, one of the most popular formats is mobile gaming. Players love using a smartphone or tablet to explore games of all types. Word games, action games, puzzles, even online casino games can be played with a mobile device. Regarding the age-old question of Android vs. Apple, most players opt for Androids for online gaming. Why? Let’s take a look below.


Free or Inexpensive 

Android is a top player choice as it offers free or inexpensive gaming options. Developers often provide a game app for free and have in-game charge-ups. This allows you to play for free and choose if you want to pay extra for more gaming options.

Even if a game is not free, it might cost $0.99 or as much as $2, which is still affordable. Compared to physical entertainment, the cost is microscopic. Everyone loves free stuff, so you will find most people enjoy the free games offered on Android devices. You can play popular titles like Wordle at no cost and compete against friends and family in the process.

Android even offers a subscription called Play Pass. You can pay $4.99 monthly or choose the yearly subscription and select from over 800 games. This option is affordable for players who like to try new apps regularly.

Quality Gameplay 

Because of the type of structure of an Android device, games are easier to develop than Apple options. This is why you often see an app launch for Android before iOS. The graphics, animations, and sound effects are top quality and create an overall amazing experience. You won’t find many games lacking in this department, making Android a solid choice for all gamers.

There are simplified games that require minimal space and run smoothly on your device, as well as more complicated and involved titles. You can access a nice selection of options for every type of player on Androids.



Taking your gaming on the go is essential with mobile play. Android devices make it easy for you to play anywhere. Download any app and play it from your Android device based on location. All you need is an internet connection.

States with legalized online casino gaming require players to be located in certain states to access services. Android devices provide quality geolocation detection, so players have no issues logging online and playing slots and table games.

The overall portability of Android devices is excellent, ensuring that players can easily play games from the couch or on the go.

Console Quality Titles 

Mobile games are known for quality and creativity; titles are often released based on console games. There are several options for console players via mobile, including some Nintendo games.  Even popular Xbox and PlayStation titles can be found on mobile devices. Classic games, RPGs, and other options are becoming more prevalent as players want to use their mobile smartphones to take their favorite games on the go. Players can find various gaming options based on console titles, including popular games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Developers can create more console-quality games for smartphones and tablets as Android tech advances. It would not be surprising to find controllers launching in the future for mobile usage. Players want the latest tech, and mobile gaming is so popular that it may soon give consoles fair competition.

Operating systems are constantly changing to make it easier for updates and better technology for game streaming and operation. With continual updates to Android devices, we expect to see even bigger and better gaming options for smartphone users in the future.


Examples of Popular Android Games

Now that you know why Android games are so popular, let’s explore a few of the best titles. The list below is a great starting point for players who wish to explore the Android gaming market.

  • Chrono Trigger: Enjoy this time-traveling RPG with quality visuals and an amazing storyline. You will find strategic combat is involved, and you must outwit your opponents to move forward.
  • Crossy Road: Explore a Frogger-style game that has become popular in arcades around the US. Try to get the chicken across the road without getting hit by traffic to move to the next stage.
  • Downwell: This is a unique and old-style title where you must drop down stages using guns on your feet. Complete runs before death to try and advance to the next stage of gameplay.
  • Final Fantasy VII: The popular Final Fantasy series is offered on Android, with this version offering a journey with Cloud and his friends. Join the epic saga from your smartphone or tablet via Google Play.
  • Fortnite: The battle royale style game that is played on PC is also available on Android devices. Enjoy this popular title on the go with your mobile or tablet.
  • Genshin Impact: This RPG-style game places you into a fantasy world known as Teyvat and gives you a character with no knowledge of the realm. You must journey across the world to find your lost sibling and get into a few fights.

Play any of the games above to enjoy Android titles on your smartphone or tablet. We suggest you try a few game types to figure out what genre you like best. You should easily be able to find an Android game that suits your playing style.


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