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New Mobile Products coming from TCL

CES week is always a hectic time, and even more so with the current global pandemic raging. Still, companies are finding new and creative ways to showcase some of their new products, and TCL is no different, launching new lines of mobile and tablet devices that are meant to suit multiple groups of people. Let’s dive deeper into what was unveiled today!


New Tablets

Two new tablets are coming from TCL in 2021 – NXTPAPER and TAB devices will be launching later this year, and both of these devices are targeting those at-home learners, of which I have a few of my own. The NXTPAPER tablet will give you a look and feel that you probably haven’t seen in a very long time, and probably never seen from a tablet. It “features an 8-inch FHD NXTPAPER screen that offers a paper-like visual experience with no flicker or harmful blue light.” For someone who uses my tablets to read a lot, this is outstanding, and something I cannot wait to try! The NXTPAPER also features child friendly user interfaces, a solid 5500mAh battery, and both a front facing (5 megapixels) and rear facing (8 megapixels) cameras.

The TAB 10s devices are also targeting at home learning and reading, my incorporating a 10.1 inch screen with a dedicated stylus for working, scrolling, and more. The Tab 10s supports a much larger battery than the NXTPAPER – and necessarily so – at around 8000mAh. TCL has also implimented technology to soften the screen on the eyes to promote the long days of school aged kids! That’s pretty fantastic if you ask us.

The NXTPaper will be available in a variety of regions beginning April 2021, although North America is not one of them. The TAB 10s will be available in March 2021, retailing for 199.99€ for the Wifi model, and 249.99€ for the 4G/LTE model.


New Alcatel Products

TCL has been branding their affordable smart phones under the Alcatel brand, and while they might not compete with the flagship phones from Samsung, Apple, and Google, they are provide so many great features for an affordable price – in fact, we ‘ve recommended everyone we have tested!

Alcatel is launching three new smartphones in 2021 – the 3L, the 1S, and the 1L. While all will have varying features, they each are trying to corner one aspect of the mobile phone market, and all promise to be priced incredibly well. Alcatel is also launching a brand new high performance tablet, available in a variety of sizes, and again priced competitively for all to enjoy.


New TCL Phone as Well

For those who enjoyed the launch of the TCL Phone in 2020 – we did! – the company is coming back with yet two more phones in 2021, the TCL 20 Series. The company is launching the TCL 20 5G and the TCL 20 SE. At under 300 Euros, the TCL 20 5G promises consumers a 5G capable mobile phone with a ton of additional features, including NXTVISION 2.0 display technology, a 8nm octa-core Snapdragon™ 690 5G chipset, a solid 4500aMh battery, and 48 megapixel rear facing camera, amongst other things. TCL is also launching a more affordable version of it’s 20 Series phone, the 20 SE with many great features like the 5G model, although less of them to curb costs.


We will have more on these fantastic TCL and Alcatel products as they launch, so stay tuned for our full reviews and thoughts!


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