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blank News 11 years ago

Want to be the Very Best? – European Pokemon Championships Dated

If you couldn’t read through the title of this post without breaking into song, there’s a bit of good news for you. If you’re a PokeNut and have a team to be proud of in Black and White 2, you could be in for a chance to be shipped off to Vancouver, where you can prove yourself to the world as the ultimate Pokemon master. Professor Oak would be proud. The European leg of the competition will be held across…

blank News 11 years ago

BAFTA Games 2013 Recap

Last week saw the return of an annual event that gamers, game developers and game enthusiasts look forward to each year, a prestigious show that celebrates the achievements of the games that have wowed us, and the people behind them. I speak, of course, about the BAFTA Video Game Awards. This year’s BAFTAs saw the true potential of Indie games, with the small games beating out some of the behemoths in the industry in true David versus Goliath fashion. The…

blank News 11 years ago

GDC Study Reveals State of the Industry

Just prior to this year’s Game Developers Conference, researchers for the event polled more than 2,500 North American game developers in order to get an idea of just how the industry is doing. Their results have revealed interesting trends with regards to what platforms are getting the most attention. The most interesting data collected by GDC researchers has to do with what platforms are being worked on. Dedicated handhelds are getting minimal support, with only 4.2% currently working on a…