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Welcome to Nintendo’s New Headquarters


Although still under construction, some images of Nintendo’s new headquarters have come out. Originally announced in 2011 and with construction beginning last year, it has supposedly cost $204 million dollars to build. If you ever asked yourself where all of that DS/3DS money is going, look no further than the grey pillars of the new official Nintendo HQ.

The new building will house 1500 people, with a hope of unifying various Nintendo divisions (handheld and home console engineers, for instance). This will hopefully optimize development time on both systems, with optimized tools and the like as well. 

Nintendo are hoping to move into the building towards the end of 2013. Although fans will see no obvious change in the output, it’s possible that this move may make first party hardware and software coding/designing a little quicker, and that time will either be passed onto the end user through earlier release dates, or will mean games are more polished at release. Neither is a bad thing.



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