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The Dark Prophecy

The Dark Prophecy is a good old fashioned point and click game for the Nintendo Switch. We’ve seen a bunch of these games on the system and most of them have been pretty good. Is The Dark Prophecy another Adventure game to check out or should you skip this one?


The Dark Prophecy centers around Jacob, a normal village boy who one day sees a mysterious face that tells him to get ahold of Merlin and tell him that a dark prophecy is about to be fulfilled! From there, the player gets to decide what they want to do. Do you want to help this mysterious person or run away? Now if you choose to run away…the game will suddenly end! So you should probably choose to help.

There is a dark sense of humor to this game for sure. You can eat a poison berry and end the game too. And while we won’t spoil the game’s ending, we will say that not everyone will be pleased with it…

The Dark Prophecy isn’t a long game at all, especially if you know what you’re doing. The game doesn’t give you many hints and you have to look around the environments and puzzle out what you need to do to progress in the game. Try talking to everything and using everything, even if you think it won’t work! You never know! The game is very trial and error. It’s a good thing that you can save anywhere!

As for the game’s controls, you can use the left analog stick or the d-pad to navigate a cursor. When its just a plain cursor, you use it to move to the area you want to go and press A several times to get there fast. Moving the cursor to the top of the screen gets you to your inventory or press the X button does that. The Y button does nothing. The B button will take you to the other cursors you need: talking, looking, and use. The controls work pretty well. Though, its too bad this game doesn’t have any touch screen support. Oh well.

The Dark Prophecy has good graphics too and a nice soundtrack. There is no voice acting. It is a well made game despite its short nature.


Overall, The Dark Prophecy is a good game, though its short nature and its ending may not appeal to everyone. It is a well made game that tries something different and Adventure game fans that are looking for something unique should check it out.

The Dark Prophecy gets a 7.5 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. The Dark Prophecy will be available on the Nintendo Switch eshop on September 16, 2022!


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