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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Runs at 30FPS

blank The original Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii ran at a smooth 60FPS, an impressive feat considering the hardware and just how good that game looked. The 3DS port, coming next month, is instead locked at 30FPS. This isn't a good thing, but considering that the graphics still look great and that there's plenty happening on screen at any given time, it's hard to complain too much.


Link to the Past Sequel, Zelda Classics Coming to 3DS

blank It was a fantastic day to be a Zelda fan yesterday, especially if you've been waiting for something new to play on your 3DS. During the Nintendo Direct, a couple of classic portable Zelda titles were announced to be coming to the 3DS Virtual Console, while those after a purely new experience got their fill as well.


New Mew Pokemon is… Mewtwo

blank Popular Japanese gaming mag Coro Coro has released information on the Mewtwo-like image of a Pokemon from X and Y that's shaken up the Poke-world. Has Mewtwo cloned himself? Is this the work of Team Rocket? Could this be Mewthree? The truth is perhaps slightly more confusing. The Pokemon that was revealed last week is in fact Mewtwo, just in a different form.


Pokemon X & Y: Mewthree revealed?

blank A mysterious new Mewtwo-esque Pokemon was recently revealed on the official Pokemon website. Could this be a new Mewtwo form, an unexpected evolution or maybe a whole new Pokemon all together? Having stated the fact that: "It is suspected that the newly discovered Pokemon has some sort of connection with the legendary Mewtwo", any of the three theories are plausible. However, this reveal could be more closely related to the new Pokemon games than we think. Having been named "X" ...


Next Batman Official: Arkham Origins Due October 2013

blank The front cover of May's issue of Game Informer officially reveals the next game in the Batman Arkham series. Arkham Origins has been mentioned in rumours for well over a month now, and the rumours have turned out to be true. The game will take us to before Joker's capture at the beginning of Arkham Asylum, to when Batman was first starting out his crime fighting adventure, and to the first super villains he put down.


Welcome to Nintendo’s New Headquarters

blank Although still under construction, some images of Nintendo's new headquarters have come out. Originally announced in 2011 and with construction beginning last year, it has supposedly cost $204 million dollars to built. If you ever asked yourself where all of that DS/3DS money is going, look no further than the grey pillars of the new official Nintendo HQ.


Free Nintendo AR Cards with Pre-Paid Points Bring Favourite Characters to Life

blank Nintendo are adding a little bonus to the pre-paid points cards that they’re selling in Japan. They’ll now double as AR cards for the 3DS. With a variety of different characters to choose from and interaction between characters confirmed, wannabe photographers of all ages will have the opportunity to snap some of the most famous gaming characters in the world.  Announced yesterday (April 1st) in a mini-Nintendo Direct, you’re able to use multiple AR cards at once, and ...


Want to be the Very Best? – European Pokemon Championships Dated

blank If you couldn’t read through the title of this post without breaking into song, there’s a bit of good news for you. If you’re a PokeNut and have a team to be proud of in Black and White 2, you could be in for a chance to be shipped off to Vancouver, where you can prove yourself to the world as the ultimate Pokemon master. Professor Oak would be proud. The European leg of the competition will be held across…


BAFTA Games 2013 Recap

blank Last week saw the return of an annual event that gamers, game developers and game enthusiasts look forward to each year, a prestigious show that celebrates the achievements of the games that have wowed us, and the people behind them. I speak, of course, about the BAFTA Video Game Awards. This year’s BAFTAs saw the true potential of Indie games, with the small games beating out some of the behemoths in the industry in true David versus Goliath fashion. The…


GDC Study Reveals State of the Industry

blank Just prior to this year’s Game Developers Conference, researchers for the event polled more than 2,500 North American game developers in order to get an idea of just how the industry is doing. Their results have revealed interesting trends with regards to what platforms are getting the most attention. The most interesting data collected by GDC researchers has to do with what platforms are being worked on. Dedicated handhelds are getting minimal support, with only 4.2% currently working on ...