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Top 5 Youtube Video Game Channels

I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube Video Game Channels lately. I especially love hearing about retro video games, but even new stuff is cool too. So without further ado, here are my top 5 youtube video game channels! Oh and if you don’t want to read it, there’s a youtube video with me reading all this (though you’ll miss the youtube links if you don’t read too. heh).

Just a note that everyone should include! This is my opinion of the Top 5 Youtube Video Game Channels. Your list may be completely different. Maybe you’ll discover something new here. There is a link to all of these channels in my text version of this! Wait! this is the text I’m confused…

Ok…let’s go:

5. RGT85: A shout out to the awesome Shawn Long, aka RGT85. I’ve been following Shawn on twitter for what seems like ages now (and he follows me). If you are looking for someone who covers retro and modern games, including gaming news, then you should check out Shawn’s videos. He does not hold back. He’ll tell you what really thinks. You can find him at:

4. Gaming Historian: If you love video games, specifically video game history, then you must watch the Gaming Historian’s videos. He puts out wonderful content. His longer videos are pretty amazing. I love his looks at Tetris, Mario, Nintendo, and other cool parts of gaming history. You can find him at:

3. Electric Playground: I use to see bits and pieces of the Electric Playground when it aired on TV back in the day but I never really got into it like say X-Play. But now, Victor Lucas and Electric Playground are on youtube and its really great. Victor’s reviews are so good. I also like his live streams and I even recently went into one them. I may do that more. If you want to see a cool video game show, you need to watch Electric Playground. You can find it at:

2. Metal Jesus Rocks: Yes, Metal Jesus does rock! I had watched a little bit of Metal Jesus Rocks videos here and there but recently I’ve been watching it a ton. He has been a youtuber for a long time now and there’s so much content to discover. I also love that he brings his friends onto show. You can tell how much them enjoy each other company and the collaboration videos are probably the best videos on the channel. I especially like the looks back at retro games and the $5 Good Game Challenge and the $5 Bad Game Challenge. So much fun. You can Metal Jesus Rocks at:

1. Happy Console Gamer: The Happy Console Gamer is absolutely wonderful. Johnny Millennium is the host and just like Metal Jesus Rocks, Johnny will bring his friends on sometimes, like his wife Kim and his best friend Rob. Either alone or with his friends, Happy Console Gamer is always good. He mostly talks about retro games but he’ll talk about modern games too and sometimes anime (I’m not a fun but still enjoy his enthusiasm), movies, and more. Side note: you should check out his channel Film Fury with Victor Lucas for some cool movie reviews. Happy Console Gamer is my favorite youtuber and I enjoy seeing his new videos every Sunday and the occasional surprise ones. You can find him at:

And those are my favorite video game youtube channels! What are yours?


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