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Want to be the Very Best? – European Pokemon Championships Dated

If you couldn’t read through the title of this post without breaking into song, there’s a bit of good news for you. If you’re a PokeNut and have a team to be proud of in Black and White 2, you could be in for a chance to be shipped off to Vancouver, where you can prove yourself to the world as the ultimate Pokemon master. Professor Oak would be proud.

The European leg of the competition will be held across three cities – Milan (May 11th/12th), Bochum (May 26th) and Birmingham (June 2) – and each competition is split into three age groups. Juniors are 11 and under, seniors were born between 1998 and 2001 and masters were born before 1997. There’s only a single elimination round for the very best players, meaning that you can turn up to one of these events and play Pokemon all day regardless of skill levels. 

You can watch for more information on the official Pokemon website over the coming weeks. 

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