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Chicken Wiggle Review

Chicken Wiggle

Release: August 17, 2017
Publisher: Atooi
Developer: Atooi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Nintendo 3DS Reviews, Platformer


Perfect About Rating
10 - Gameplay
10 - Video
10 - Audio

You may say to yourself: do I need a game called Chicken Wiggle in my life? And you may say to yourself: self, what is a Chicken Wiggle? I will attempt to answer both those questions in my review of Chicken Wiggle for the 3DS eshop.

The story in Chicken Wiggle is pretty basic. There is a brief cutscene that introduces the main characters: Chicken and Wiggle. You see, there is a bird (chicken) and a worm on his back (wiggle). Thats why the game is called Chicken Wiggle. Get it now? Look, don’t over think this. Chicken Wiggle is a platformer and these types games don’t usually have very much of a story. What you probably want to know is this: does Chicken Wiggle have good gameplay? My short answer: Does a duck like water?


There are no ducks in Chicken Wiggle. There is, however, really good gameplay here.

Chicken Wiggle is a platformer but it isn’t just a platformer. There is an adventure element to the gameplay too.The two main characters have to transverse beautifully designed levels by using the power of Wiggle and sometimes special powerups. There is a bit of Metriodvania in this platformer. And you better watch out for enemies because if you hit one, you are dead!

Chicken Wiggle has the one-hit and you’re dead system of old platformers. I admit I’m not a huge fan of that. However, the deaths in this game don’t feel cheap and there are check points, so as long as you reach them you won’t have to redo the whole level again. You can retry via the check points as many times as you want. It should be noted that, overall, Chicken Wiggle is a fun game.

Of course one of the things that makes it fun is its controls. If Chicken Wiggle didn’t have good controls, it wouldn’t be as good a game as it is. This game was made by the developer who made Mutant Mudds. Atooi is a good developer with a lot of experiance in games like this. And it shows! The second screen of the 3DS isn’t used much during the single player but the game more than makes up for that with its use in the level creator!

Up to this point, I have just been talking about the game’s story mode. There is a bit more to the game than just a story mode. Chicken Wiggle is $15 on the 3DS eshop. Thats a fairly high priced game. If it had just the story mode, I’d say it would be more like a seven or eight dollar game. Chicken Wiggle has a level creator too and that makes it well worth $15.

With the level creator, you can create your own Chicken Wiggle levels and then upload them online. Its pretty easy to create a basic level of Chicken Wiggle, but since there is no tutorial explaining what everything in the creator is, it will take some time to figure out how to create great levels.

I still haven’t figured out what all of the tools in Chicken Wiggle are. That said, I enjoy Chicken Wiggle’s create mode and can’t wait to figure out how to make more! I’ve already made three levels as df2506: Eyes Have it (ID: 259), Not Afraid? (ID: 297), and Fly Chicken (ID: 303). I hope when you get this game, you’ll check out my levels.

The level creator and the downloading of other peoples levels gives Chicken Wiggle an almost unlimited amount of replay value. You’ll be able to create your own levels, upload them to the internet, download levels other people created, and everybody can favorite their experiance if they want to! Its a really well put together system.

The controls for the level creator are really good too. The creator uses the touch screen to place objects and that works well. All of the other menus, including the Share section, are simple and easy to use!

If all that isn’t enough, Chicken Wiggle has good graphics and sound too.


Chicken Wiggle has really nice retro style graphics. It looks like a high quality SNES platformer. The worlds and enemies are really well designed. Chicken Wiggle also has 3D and it looks great with or without it.

The game’s soundtrack is no slacker either. The retro style music is good and the sound effects are even better.

Chicken Wiggle is one of the best platformers I’ve played on the 3DS, eshop or no eshop.


You need Chicken Wiggle in your life. Now that you know what it is, how can you resist it?

Chicken Wiggle has all the gameplay you love in other platformers, plus a cool “grabbling hook” mechanic, a bit of Metriodvania, and its fun/challenging at times.

Not only that but it has an online server where you’ll find other levels that people have made that you can try! And you’ll be able to make your own levels too. I do wish the level creator had a tutorial but I’m not going to its lack of one stop me from doing something I rarely ever do….

I’m really impressed with Chicken Wiggle. I am so impressed that I’m giving it a rare 10 out of 10 score. I have only ever given one other game that score ever: Paper Mario: Color Splash for the Wii U. Chicken Wiggle is on that level of excellance.

You won’t want to miss out on Chicken Wiggle. I will continue playing this game long after my review! I hope to play your levels someday!

Thanks to Jools Watsham for providing me with a review copy of Chicken Wiggle. The game is out tomorrow for the 3DS eshop!



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