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Free Nintendo AR Cards with Pre-Paid Points Bring Favourite Characters to Life

Nintendo are adding a little bonus to the pre-paid points cards that they’re selling in Japan. They’ll now double as AR cards for the 3DS. With a variety of different characters to choose from and interaction between characters confirmed, wannabe photographers of all ages will have the opportunity to snap some of the most famous gaming characters in the world.

Announced yesterday (April 1st) in a mini-Nintendo Direct, you’re able to use multiple AR cards at once, and combining characters will result in different, sometimes hilarious results. If the initial run turns out to be a success, you can almostĀ guaranteeĀ that these characters will make it onto the pre-paid points cards in the west, and that new characters will be developed down the line.

AR is a nice feature for the 3DS, but it’s not been used as often as perhaps it could be. Here’s hoping that this renewed interest (and seemingly mild incentive to spend money on Nintendo points) turns out to be the precursor to something a little bigger.


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