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More Thoughts From Me #263: Happy #Mar10Day!

Its Mario Day again! Yes, I know Mario Day isn’t a real holiday but for fans of the plumber, its still a special day. Nintendo’s mascot is one of the greatest video game characters ever created. Today I thought I’d talk about what Mar10 Day means to me.


Happy Mar10 Day!

As far as fake holidays go, this one is my favorite. Mario is such a great character.

Super Mario Bros for the NES is the first video game I remember playing. I had the cart that also had Duck Hunt on it. I didn’t play Duck Hunt very much. Super Mario Bros was the game! I did like Super Mario Bros 2 but Super Mario 3 was and still is the best 2D Mario game. There is something so special about this game.

I loved how it was revealed in The Wizard movie and then just getting my hands on it! Wow! Super Mario Bros 3 was the Mario game with the classic world maps and its powerups are just the best (Raccoon Mario forever).

Nintendo continues to release so many stunning Mario games.


If they wanted to, Nintendo could just release only Mario games and we’d all buy them! I’m glad they don’t do that but man, Mario games are great.

Mario Day is awesome. Its the day to play lots of Mario games and boy do we have options on the Switch!

I know I’ll be playing the orignal Mario game on Nintendo Switch Online today. I might play Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Odyssey too.

Its wonderful that there is a day to celebrate this fantastic character and all his games. If you are a Nintendo fan, its likely you are a Mario fan too. I think most Nintendo fans have that in common if nothing else. So its a day that brings together the Nintendo fans and lets us shout to the heavens our love of Mario games!


But what about poor Luigi? Why isn’t there a Luigi day? Well okay we had a year of Luigi. I guess thats good enough…

As Luigi gives me the death stare, I’ll end this column by listing my five favorite Mario games:

Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Bros 3, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Super Mario World, and Super Mario Maker

What are your favorite Super Mario games? What will you be doing to celebrate Mar10 Day?


More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I wish The Thousand Year Door was on the Switch!


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