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Minigore 2 free for Anniversary

Four years ago, developer Mountain Sheep introduced the world to a new hero: John Gore, the man who found himself eternally chased by hordes and hordes of zombies, zombie sheep, and other undead creatures. When Minigore hit iOS back in 2009, it was one of the first dual-stick shooters on the platform, responsible for the genre's huge popularity in the early days of premium iOS gaming.


New Releases this week | July 29th – Aug 4th 2013

Releases this week include a Call Of Duty wannabe, a HD remake of a 90's classic, an unacceptably hard platformer and a cute baby eating rice.


Firefly Online Announced

Whedon fans have long dreamed of the day when the beloved sci-fi series Firefly would return - but I don't think any of them expected it to happen like this. At Comic-Con this week, SparkPlug games announced Firefly Online, a social MMORPG set to launch on iOS and Android in early 2014.


New Releases this week | July 22nd – July 28th

Pretty dead week this week for releases (especially for consoles). You just know it's a slow week when Smurfs 2 is the headline game.


Infinity Blade: Dungeons canceled

When Impossible Games closed their doors earlier this year, Epic Games wasn't quite ready to kibosh Infinity Blade: Dungeons, Impossible's Diablo-like action RPG due to hit the mobile gaming-sphere sometime this year..... yet. A few months later, however, the news is now official: the highly-anticipated Infinity Blade: Dungeons is cancelled.


New Releases this week | July 15th – 21st 2013

The upcoming 7 days sees quite a lot of variety with RPGs, brain dead shooters, snail racing, and even men in bowler hats. No PC releases but the other...


Worms 3 Announced

Team 17 have announced that they'll be releasing Worms 3 on iOS towards the end of this year. Worms 2 was released in 1997, so it's been a hell of a wait, but hopefully it'll end up having been worth it. Worms 3 will bring together a number of things from more recent spin-offs, including the class-based combat of the rather excellent Worms Revolution. There will be 29 single player missions included, as well as a few online multiplayer modes, with leaderboard support. You'll be able to ...


New Releases this week | July 8th – July 15th

A pretty good week for new releases this week with something for everyone on almost all platforms. As always this is not an exhaustive list and release dates may change at short notice.


New Releases this week | July 1st – July 7th 2013

This week's new releases are severely lacking especially for the 2 main consoles, but Limbo comes to iOS on Wednesday so that kind of makes up for the big release short comings. The popular indie game is accompanied by some minor, small releases but hey, it's July.


Limbo releases on IOS 7/3

Since its release in 2010, Playdead's award-winning platformer Limbo has sold over three million copies, an impressive number for any studio's first official title. Yesterday, the Dutch developers dropped a bit of surprise on the gaming world, announcing that their monochromatic side-scroller will release on iOS on July 3rd.


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