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Fire Emblem Direct Tomorrow

Last week, we found out that Nintendo would be holding a Fire Emblem Direct. It was thought then that Nintendo would only be showing off the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors for the Switch. Now we know that more than one title will be shown during the Direct. In fact, we know about one other “game” that will be shown during the Direct. Find out about that below. I will also offer some speculation as to what else might be shown.


Nintendo of America announced on twitter today that the upcoming Fire Emblem Direct will air tomorrow, January 18th, at 5pm ET (4pm Central). The Direct will cover upcoming Fire Emblem titles. We know that Fire Emblem Warriors for the Nintendo Switch will be a major part of the Direct. Thanks to Nintendo Everything we know that at least one other title will be shown too.

The Fire Emblem mobile “game” will be coming be shown during the Fire Emblem Direct. Fire Emblem mobile is expected to be released in March.

The next part of this post is just speculation about the Direct, so please take it with a grain of salt. It could be that we will only see Fire Emblem Warriors and Fire Emblem mobile shown in the Direct. Those two titles easily cover the upcoming titles announcement. And yet, I feel like those two alone wouldn’t be enough to fill a Direct such as this. I could be wrong, but I think we’ll see another announcement too.

I would not count out either more DLC being revealed for Fire Emblem Fates or a new Fire Emblem game for 3DS being announced. I know some people think a Fire Emblem game for Switch will be announced or, as a rumor suggests, that we’ll see Fire Emblem Fates announced for the Switch. It is possible that a new Fire Emblem could go to the Switch rather than 3DS, but I think it may be too early for a regular Fire Emblem Switch game and also I doubt Nintendo would want to take attention away from the Warriors game on the system.

As for Fates on the Switch, I hope that doesn’t happen and its very likely that it won’t since Nintendo Everything admits the rumor could be just an error on Nintendo’s site. I do think the 3DS should keep all of its exclusives. Nintendo needs to make it crystal clear that the 3DS is still important and that its two systems will feature different games. Fans of Nintendo should feel like they need to own both systems.

I think another Fire Emblem is a real possibility for the 3DS. Yes, Fates did just come out last year, but the next Fire Emblem may be in the works and it could be for 3DS. Don’t forget that Reggie recently said that there are more unannounced games for the 3DS. Another Fire Emblem game for Nintendo’s favorite portable? I wouldn’t doubt it and neither should you. Don’t count the 3DS out yet.

Though, like I mentioned, we could just get more DLC for Fire Emblem Fates or some other unexpected news for Switch. That all said, I would not get hyped for this Fire Emblem Direct. It is very possible that this Direct will be a disappointment.

What do you think about the Fire Emblem Direct? Will we see only titles for the Switch and mobile or are we in for a 3DS surprise?


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