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More Thoughts From Me Fire Emblem Edition: Echoes of the Past and Future

When Nintendo announced that there would be a Direct this week for Fire Emblem, I tried not to set my hopes too high. It was very likely that only Fire Emblem Warriors and maybe that Fire Emblem mobile game would be shown. This week, we found out the mobile title would indeed be shown. I was still trying my hardest not to get excited about today’s direct, however I was secretly hoping that we’d get a new 3DS game. As it turns out…well…check out my thoughts on the Fire Emblem Direct for what happened and what I thought about it all.


The Fire Emblem Direct started at 4pm central time. The first game they showed was very mysterious. We were seeing a lot of information about the game’s story at first, but no indication of what system the game was for. My dad suggested it was Fire Emblem Warriors, but I didn’t think so. I suggested it was the mobile game. We were both wrong!

Fire Emblem: Echoes -Shadows of Valentia-¬†was announced for the 3DS! As soon as they showed the gameplay footage surrounded by a 3DS system screen I knew what system it had to be for. I was so very excited! A new Fire Emblem for the 3DS!!! That’s exactly what I wanted out of the Fire Emblem Direct. And the gameplay looks fantastic. Fire Emblem Echoes is a remake of an older Fire Emblem game, but the graphics and gameplay look like a modern Fire Emblem game. Well, mostly it looks like a modern Fire Emblem game. There was a twist during the footage where we saw a character actually wandering around in a dungeon! I was so amazed by that. In fact, I was just amazed by the entire game. Best of all, Fire Emblem Echoes is coming to the 3DS on May 19th. I can’t wait to play this game.

Another great announcement: two new Fire Emblem amiibo are coming too! They looked great.

After the Fire Emblem Echoes announcement, we got another surprise! There will be a Fire Emblem for the Switch and its coming to the system in 2018. There was no footage shown, but I want that game.

Next up, we got to see a bit more of Fire Emblem Warriors for the Switch. It looks like an action game like Hyrule Warriors. I doubt I’ll want this game. However, I thought it was really cool that the game was coming to the New 3DS also. Another New 3DS game! Wow!

The final announcement of the Direct was the Fire Emblem mobile game. I thought the game looked really lame. It seems like I’m in the minority though because I saw several people on twitter saying they can’t wait to play it. I don’t know why anyone would want that thing when they can play a real Fire Emblem game in May! Oh well.

Overall, I thought the Fire Emblem Direct was really good. Most of the announcements, especially Echoes, were awesome. Sure the Direct ended on a bad note, but I still thought it was a Direct well worth watching.

If you missed the Fire Emblem Direct, you can check it out here:

What did you think of the Fire Emblem Direct? What was your favorite announcement? Let us know in the comments!

I’ll see you next week for my thoughts on Dragon Quest 8!


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