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Nintendo Posts Quarterly Loss Despite the Success of Mario Kart

Nintendo posted a quarterly loss if 97.2 million dollars despite the success of Mario Kart 8. As I have iterated before, this is further proof that a single title cannot save a console, especially in today's environment. Despite being happy with the success of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo noted that more copies o the game were sold to consumers who already owned a Wii U, and that they sold less new Wii U's than expected. However, Nintendo still hopes to reach their yearly goal of 3.6 million Wii U's.


Nintendo Believes in Local Multiplayer. Do you?

Earlier this year I snagged a copy of Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare for the 360. I bought it with one purpose in mind: Local multiplayer with my wife. My wife enjoys video games, but is not passionate about them. She is, however, a big fan of Plants versus Zombies; this seemed like the perfect title. Except it wasn't. To my dismay, Garden Warfare did not ship with local multiplayer, or even a way to play with a friend online in competitive play. It was a disappointment for sure, but ...


Smash Brothers Recap – All the Announcements from the last few Weeks

Super Smash Bros. news seems to be pouring in from everywhere lately. From EVO 2014 to the Nintendo Digital events, we just can’t get enough of Super Smash. Let’s recap some of the biggest news to happen recently in the Smash Brothers universe.


Club Nintendo Has Dropped the Ball in North America

Club Nintendo is an excellent way for Nintendo to keep track of what people think about their games. If you are unfamiliar, Club Nintendo awards gamers points (in North America, they are called coins and in Europe, stars) for purchasing games. In North America, most Wii U games are worth 50-60 coins each with an extra 10 coins awarded when doing a post-play survery - while 3DS games are worth 30-40, with an extra 5 coins for doing the post-play survey. The system is actually great, ...


Nintendo to host Super Smash Bros 3DS Tournament at Comic-Con

At E3, Nintendo made sure that everyone knew one, very important thing: Super Smash Bros on the Wii U was awesome, and that everyone should buy Super Smash Bros on the Wii U. What was almost forgotten at E3 was that the game would also be releasing on 3DS. Nintendo chose to highlight the Wii U version then, and many questioned what exactly was going on with the 3DS version.


Secret Bases Coming to Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire

Game Freak makes terrific games and finds a way to capitalize on them twice. Whether it was giving some color to the classic - Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue - or making minor changes to the overall game play - like Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver - they have given us good reasons to re-buy their titles. In November, Game Freak and Nintendo are doing it again with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire; this time around, however, the changes are major.


Miyamoto Sounds off on Zelda Wii U, Poor Sales, Star Fox

This past week, the Toronto Sun newspaper was able to sit down for a 45 minute with Nintnedo's own Miyamoto and Bill Trinen. Although I wasn't expecting much from the interview - since E3 had just wrapped up, and everything should have been talked about there - I was surprised by the information that Miyamoto did share. He spoke out about the new Zelda title, poor Wii U sales, and Star Fox.


Nintendo HD Part 1 – A Return to Rare

Giving games the HD treatment is not a new concept. In fact, companies have been doing it for years, and will likely continue for the foreseeable future. Not only is it an importunity for developers to make more money, but it is also an oppertunity for fans to relive some of the best games that are, more than likely, unavailable for them presently. For myself, I have pushed through remakes of Banjo-Kazooie (N64) on the Xbox 360, Monkey Island (PC) on my iPad, and most recently, The Legend ...


Harvest Moon goes Minecraft

Have you ever played an older Harvest Moon title and lamented the fact that you had to walk a long ways just to get to a river to fish? No more. Natsume, the developers behind the very successful farming simulation franchise, launched a new trailer for their upcoming 3DS title, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. While most of us assumed that Natsume would once again have to take the franchise in a new direction, I'm not sure many would have bet on a Minecraft knock-off.


Fantasy Life Coming Westward

Fantasy life is an upcoming 3DS title from Level 5 studios that combines a unique blend of Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy, and Zelda elements. The game was released in Japan back in 2012 and now is set to release in EU on Sep 26th and in NA on Oct. 24th 2014. The cartoonish world of Fantasy Life is based completely on choice. From character creation, to the roles that your character will have, the life you lead in this fantasy will change with every play through. You can also switch lives ...