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Loot Crate going Nintendo this Holiday with Amiibo


Amiibos are coming in at a hefty 13.99. I would argue they are comparable physically to the 9.99 Skylanders, although you could argue the technology in the Amiibo is substantially more complicated. Regardless, many Nintendo fans will want a bunch of the Amiibos that will be hitting store shelves soon, but the price could hold people back, especially since the use of some of these Amiibos is very, very limited.

Nintendo has teamed up with the popular box-a-month company Loot Crate to stock their crates with Amiibo figures throughout the holiday season. If you want to take advantage of this, you will need to head over to Loot Crates website ( and sign up for notifications when this special crate will be available.

This crate will NOT come in place of one of your other crate purchases; you will need to sign up for this crate on its own. While the current price is unknown, what is being promised ┬áis 10 Amiibo figures distributed randomly in a number of shipments over the holiday season. I’ve reached out to Loot Crate for further comment on how this will work, and will update this story when I receive a response.

Until then, check out their website, sign up for some crates, or get notified when the special Amiibo crates ship this holiday season.


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