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Top 5 2D Mario Adventures

Super Mario 35 is insanely popular with Mario fans, and to celebrate this fantastic game, we are looking at our Top 5 2D Mario Adventures of all time. Buckle up and get ready for a ride through my favourites, but be sure to comment yours below! Let’s go!


#5 – New Super Mario Bros

When New Super Mario Bros was originally launched on the Nintendo DS, I was definitely skeptical on how well it could transition from the classic games on the NES and SNES. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised, and it became one of the most played games on my system from the moment I made the purchase. It is still a game I return to every few months, just to enjoy the new look and spin on the classic 2D formula. Humongous Mario, anyone?


#4 – New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

Let’s just wrap all these titles up in one. The original Nintendo Wii U release, along with New Super Luigi U, was rereleased on Nintendo Switch, and delivered some incredibly creative levels across environments never before seen in a Mario game before. While New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe didn’t break any gameplay barriers, or introduce many new concepts, it really is the ultimate in platforming on the Nintendo Switch, and provides a decent difficulty level as well.


#3 – Super Mario Bros.

While ultimately not as enjoyable as #2 and #1 on my list, it’s hard to argue that Super Mario Bros. might be one of the most important video games ever made. While dwarfed by other games in the franchise in both graphics and gameplay, there is something iconic about Super Mario Bros., and it will always hold that over other titles released after. Super Mario Bros. spawned multiple decades of Mario titles, and deserves a spot near the top on our list.


#2 – Super Mario World

Although Super Mario World almost made it to number on on my list, it was missing a nostalgic factor that our #1 choice had in spades. I never played Super Mario World until over a decade after it originally launched, but quickly realized I had missed out on an absolute gem! The graphics changes from previous Super Mario Bros titles was welcome, as was the inclusion of the cape. Roaming most levels with Yoshi was also a great experience, especially since Yoshi was my favourite Super Mario character.

Had I played this when I was younger, it could easily be sitting at #1 on my list. But I didn’t, so it holds #2 for me!


#1 – Super Mario Bros 3

This is an easy pick for number one in my opinion, but it might be based on my personal experiences. We never had a Super Nintendo Entertainment System when I was younger, but my cousins did. They had two games – some baseball title and Super Mario Bros 3. Whenever we went to visit them in Michigan – across the border for us in Canada, so it wasn’t often – we would play so much of this game. Finding those hidden whistles for the first time was exilerating, as was beating the entire game. We use to binge this for hours on end, beating using whistels, beating it without using whistles, and beating it without dying. It was some of hte most fun I had playing video games when I was younger, and the passion for this title has stuck with me ever since.

It helps, too, that Super Mario Bros 3 is chalked full of great additions to the franchise and outstanding graphics. For real, who doesn’t like Tanooki Mario?



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