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Getting the Pokemon Demo is a Good Idea


Get the Pokemon demo. Do whatever you have to do, but get the demo. This especially goes for anyone looking for that little extra advantage when the game launches on November 21st. The demo, while short, is packed with unlockables that will transfer over to the new game. I’ve played through the demo six times, and here is what I think.

You read correctly. Six times. This demo is meant to be played multiple times for a number of reasons. Your first play through will revolve around beating this games villains to a Pokemon with the capability to Mega Evolve: Glalie. The first play through definitely does a good job of, 1) Introducing you to a few major story characters, showing off mega evolution for those that haven’t played Pokemon X and Y, and allowing you to see which starting Pokemon might be best suited for you.

As you play through the demo again and again, the scenarios presented to you change. You might be tasked with finding a certain Pokemon among the tall grass, or perhaps, battling a few trainers to help them train for upcoming events. The demo’s are a bit repetitive and extremely easy – you are, after all, carrying around all three starter Pokemon evolved to at least stage 2, as well as a mega evolution capable Glalie – but you will unlock rewards that are transferable to the full game.

As of today, I’ve played through it six times and have unlocked the following that will be transferable to the full version of either game: Glalie, a pokeball set, and a heal ball set. According to a number of major gaming sites, the rewards stop after the 10th play through; I have yet to confirm that this is true.

Getting the demo isn’t a must. You won’t miss out on anything story related if you don’t play it. However, the rewards will be a nice addition to your satchel when you begin your adventure on November 21st!


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