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Fallout Episode 1-“The End” Thoughts

Fallout is now a tv show on Amazon Prime Video. We checked out the first episode and some thoughts on it. Spoiler warning!


Last night, I watched episode 1 of the new Amazon Prime Video show “Fallout”. Yes its based on the video game on the same name. And I have to say that…

I was really impressed! The Fallout tv show feels a lot like the video game while also offering more than just the one point of view that you get in the games. While the games are always focused on the Vault dwellers, the tv show has someone from the vault, a Brotherhood of Steel character, and a Ghoul. In the first episode, we get to see just a taste of Fallout’s world.

The character we start with is the Vault dweller, Lucy. She feels like a character right out of the games. I liked her storyline the best in episode 1. It was pretty intense. Though, Maximus-the Brotherhood of Steel character, is interesting. His character is complex and you start to wonder just how much of a nice guy he actually is.

As for the Ghoul…well, he’s just teased near the end the episode, but he seems like a very cool character!


The music in this episode was great too. It feels like what you’d find in the games. Though, there is also two Johnny Cash songs. I was pretty happy about that. I’m definitely a fan of his music. I also loved the look of the Vault, which was straight out of the games. The tease we got of the outside world was pretty good too. The show definitely feels like its set in the game’s world so far.

I’m trying to not give away too much about the first episode but largely, the episode is the setup for the series. Lucy, Max, and the Ghoul are set off on their individual missions and by the time you get to the end the episode, you want to go watch the rest of the series.

Thankfully the rest of the first season is already available! All of the episodes were released all about once. I haven’t seen any of the other episodes yet, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the episode 1. Can’t wait to watch more of this show.

What do you think of the first episode of Fallout?


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