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FIFA 22 Comes with Balanced, Slower Play

blank FIFA 21 has been characterized by many as a goal fest, where trick mastery meant filling the net, and solid positional play meant...well, sometimes never being rewarded for playing soccer the way it's done in the pros. But with a few gameplay updates to FIFA 22, goal fest is over, and a more balanced experience is shinning through, one that emphasizes positional play and crisp, accurate passing, as opposed to flipping balls over people's heads, nutmegging them, and more.


FIFA 22 Tutorial is Outstanding

blank When a tutorial is required, either for new players or because a new concept has been introduce into a game, so often companies use the most boring way to show off the new mechanic, or teach the controls. EA Sports has tried to do away with that type of crap, and instead have created a fantastic short story experience that walks players through the basics of running, passing, shooting and more, all set on the streets of Paris, and in the famous stadium of PSG!


Farming Simulator 22 Supports Cross Play

blank I still can remember when the Farming Simulator franchise was a single player experience through and through. Fun still, yes of course, but owning a farming empire is always more fun with friends, especially since it allows you to expand at an exponential rate. So many people playing farming simulator solo miss out on so much of what the game has to offer just because of time! Then Farming Simulator got multiplayer, and this year, we are getting crossplay as well! Let's take a peak!


Grand Theft Auto V – Still Crazy After All These Years

blank Grand Theft Auto V is about to turn eight. Rather strangely, it’s also about to be released for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This is a game that recently courted tens of thousands of dislikes on a YouTube tutorial, but will sell a billion copies anyway. This is a game that’s massively loved, which everybody has played and which still manages to place in sales charts every single week. It doesn’t make any sense. But has Rockstar finally…


My Friend Peppa Pig

blank Everyone's favourite pig is coming to all platforms at the end of October. Outright games, known for their family fun entertainment is at it again. My Friend Peppa Pig looks promising, as a fun adventure for everyone to enjoy. I recently watched the trailer and I am excited to give it a try.


The Lego Skywalker Saga Returns in 2022

blank A new trailer for Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga was shown today during Gamescom. We have also have a new release window for the game! Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga will come out on every system, including the Nintendo Switch, next year! Previously the game was supposed to come out this year. Yes, the delay is disappointing but wow, look at that new trailer! The Skywalker Saga looks like an amazing game: it covers all the Skywalker Saga…


Microsoft Dropping Halo Hardware to Celebrate 20 Years

blank It wouldn't be a Halo launch without a crap ton of exclusive and special hardware, and the team over at Xbox is delivering a little bit of everything, from controllers and headsets, to specially branded consoles. Lets take a dive on what was shown off, thanks to information from the Xbox Wire!


Siege of Paris DLC Review

blank While some folks became tired with the world and characters of Valhalla after a few dozen hours, I can't stop going back. It's been well over 75 hours for me in this Assassin's Creed World, and it's shaping up to be one of my favourite in the series. Thankfully, Ubisoft has done a fantastic job of supporting the game post launch with tons of DLC, the most recent being the Siege of Paris.


Lawn Mowing Simulator? Can You Make Real Life Chores, Fun?

blank When I think about realistic simulation titles, it's usually some type of job. Very few people actually just farm because they like to do - most people are doing it as a job. But anyone of us that owns a home at some point will be pushing or driving a lawnmower around our back yard to cut the lawn, and while some may enjoy it, others hate it. So could a group of developers take a weekly chore and turn it into something fun? The folks behind Lawn Mowing Simulator seemed to manage.


Button City Launch Trailer

blank Button City, a cute adventure game, is now available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox system, Playstation systems, and PC. Check out the launch trailer and then come back here for some thoughts on the game. Button City is available now on all platforms! What is Button City? On Youtube its described this way: “Join Fennel the fox and his friends as they try to save their local arcade in Button City, a low poly narrative adventure. Explore a diorama world,…