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YouTubers Life 2 a Relaxing Experience – Nothing Like Real Life and That’s Great!

blank YouTubers Life 2 is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, and while the game is far from accurate when it comes to showing what life as a YouTuber is like, the relaxing experience is making it one of my favourite games I've played on my Nintendo Switch in a long while. As someone who isn't into the Metroid craze, having access to this game right now is a god-send!


More Thoughts From Me #282: “I’m Starlord man!”

blank I love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. If it wasn’t for the epic Avengers two-parter (Infinity/Endgame), they would be my favorite Marvel movies. I love the humor, action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, and the music. Oh my god I love the music. And soon…there’s going to be a video game! Guardians of the Galaxy will soon be a video game. We’ll soon be Starlord! Who? Starlord man! You know, the famous intergalactic bounty hunter. Leader of the Guardians of the…


Getting To Grips with Far Cry 6

blank You’re new to Far Cry 6, to the Far Cry series or to video games entirely. There’s a huge island to explore and strange people trying to kill you. Where do you go? What do you do? Despite having a lot of guidance for new players, Far Cry 6 isn’t the easiest game to get to grips with. So for newbies to the title, series or genre, we have put together a simple guide to help ease you into things.…


Far Cry 6 Features – Yara’s Varied Encounters

Far Cry 6 feat Far Cry 6 takes a somewhat different approach, and provides more varied experiences, from the thick jungles to the big cities, there is something for everyone in Yara!


Far Cry 6 Features – OCD Players Beware

blank Far Cry 6 has been one of my favourite games this year - I've enjoyed the story, how it unfolds, and the cool people you meet along the way. These are all staples of the Far Cry franchise, and most open world Ubisoft franchises for that matter. But the more I play Far Cry 6, the more I became concerned. "I'm not clearing the map! WHY AM I NOT CLEARING THE MAP!"


Far Cry 6 Features – Using a Smart Phone in Far Cry 6

blank Is 2021, and Far Cry 6 is helping us do what we already do in real life all the time - play on our phones, a lot. In previous Far Cry games, we often would use a set of binoculars to scout out enemy bases, tagging enemies, and more. That made a ton of sense, and was enjoyable enough of an experience. While I'm happy that the new tagging system highlights the weaknesses of enemies, I'm having a bit of difficulty extending my belief to tagging using a camera on a cell phone.


Considerations When Playing Far Cry 6 On Previous Gen Consoles

blank There is little question that Far Cry 6 is the biggest title out right now. With big names like Giancarlo Esposito attached to it and the franchise's stellar reputation, all eyes have been on the latest installment to see how it evolves the series. At a time where there are still next-gen console shortages in many areas due to global circumstances, we thought it might be relevant to discuss what it feels like to hop into Far Cry 6 on previous gen consoles, as many gamers may be forced to do ...


Far Cry 6 Features – Enemy Weaknesses Key to Success

blank A group of writers here at GamesReviews have been playing through Far Cry 6 so we can provide you tons of content right ahead of launch. While some writers are plowing through the main story in order to bring you reviews, I'm taking a more relaxed and investigative approach, including diving deep into some of Far Cry 6's new features. Enemy weaknesses is a great addition to the Far Cry gameplay loop, and depending on your chosen difficulty, are vital to success.


Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Review (Nintendo Switch) – Video

blank Thanks to our friends at SEGA, we were able to play and review Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania on Nintendo Switch. This title is a remake of the 2005 title Super Monkey Ball DX, which itself was a compilation of Super Monkey Ball 1 and Super Monkey Ball 2. But does this bundle of nostalgia live up to my childhood hype? Let's take a look!


FIFA 22 Comes with Balanced, Slower Play

blank FIFA 21 has been characterized by many as a goal fest, where trick mastery meant filling the net, and solid positional play meant...well, sometimes never being rewarded for playing soccer the way it's done in the pros. But with a few gameplay updates to FIFA 22, goal fest is over, and a more balanced experience is shinning through, one that emphasizes positional play and crisp, accurate passing, as opposed to flipping balls over people's heads, nutmegging them, and more.