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More Thoughts From Me #270: Across the Mass Effect Universe

Bioware has always created wonderful games. From KOTR to Jade Empire to Mass Effect, their creativity is amazing. And the orignal Mass Effect trilogy is a high point for them. I especially love that first game. Let’s take a look back at Mass Effect.


The Mass Effect trilogy will be coming to modern consoles very soon. Like tomorrow soon.

So I thought for this weeks More Thoughts that I’d think about the beginning of the trilogy.

I was a huge fan of Knights of the Old Republic from Bioware. It was Star Wars and an rpg. C’mon.

Then they did Jade Empire, a martial arts rpg and it was a lot of fun.

And after that? Mass Effect!

I had an Xbox 360 and played Mass Effect when it came out. I loved almost everything about it. Even some stuff that other people didn’t like.

You hear people talk about not liking the huge inventory and the battle system. I come from turn-based rpgs and loving games like Skyrim. I dug the inventory system. I liked the more strategic, slower battle system.

Plus, you had a huge universe to explore, tons of dialogue options, and those graphics at the time were fantastic.
Yes some of the side missions could have been better. They got a bit repetitive. There were some planets and places that could’ve been better too (the moon for instance).

The first Mass Effect was not perfect.

But I like it more than the other two. After the first game, the series turned into more of an action game. Yes the graphics were still great. The dialogue options and exploration were wonderful too.


That said, it became too action focused and of course the inventory system was revamped. No more huge inventory. I guess a lot of people like the action and the less inventory more.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Mass Effect a lot. I enjoyed what I played of the other two games. I even liked some of the demo I played of Andromeda.

I’m sure with the upcoming release of the Mass Effect trilogy that the first game will be revamped to be more in line with the other too. Thats kind of a shame but its understandable.

I’d still love to play the upcoming Mass Effect trilogy release. I don’t think I’m going to be play it anytime soon though. Ah well. I have my memories.

What did you think of the first Mass Effect? What do you think of the series overall? Will you be getting the trilogy re-release?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I do wish Mass Effect was coming to the Switch too.


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