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Xbox One: Wild Applause Came from Microsoft Employees

blank This may not come as a surprise to those who sat and watched the press conference, but the wild cheering and applause that was heard after each and every announcement was in no way coming from members of the press. It was almost definitely coming from the area of the room reserved for Microsoft employees… This has been hit home thanks to a number of Tweets from various members of the gaming press present at the event tonight. The wild…


PS4 Mock-up Based on Teaser Trailer

blank The sneak peak PS4 video didn't show much on first inspection but a closer look and a lot of freeze framing revealed more than meets the eye. Multiple screengrabs of the video gave Reddit user Albino-Zebra just enough information to be able to piece together a mockup of what he thinks the PS4 may actually look like.


Playstation 4 – Official tease trailer (screenshots inside)

blank Square, metallic and what can only be described as a grill effect. No Im not talking about the latest toaster, it is in fact the PS4. Recently added by the Official Playstation facebook feed this 40 second tease doesn't give us much to go on.


Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer Released

blank After the teaser trailer released last week, I'm happy to report that this actual trailer is a little meatier on content. It still contains a little much in terms of splash screens (what trailer doesn't?), but there's also some actual content this time around as well. The "official trailer" gives us our first look at Gotham, although it's a very cinematic look, not made with the game engine.


Resident Evil 7 Poster Found Online

blank If your first reaction to seeing this poster isn't a scrunched up face and a slight shake of the head, you're perhaps a little gullible. A poster for Resident Evil 7 has appeared online. Although it's almost certainly fake, there's also, I suppose, a slim possibility that it might end up being real, and that Capcom are continuing the story of Resident Evil 6 in the same engine and with many of the same assets.


New releases this week: May 20th – 27th

blank It’s Monday! We hope you all had a good weekend and if not, well maybe this week’s new releases will cheer you up. A very quiet week this week indeed, with only 2 games scheduled for release within the next 7 days across all platforms. The new Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger rides into town on Thursday while Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D swings into action on Friday. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (May 23rd, PC, XBLA & PSN) Coming to PSN,…


Call Of Duty: Ghosts sneak peak released

blank The official Call of Duty Twitter feed released a short clip earlier of what looks like behind the scenes footage of the latest in the franchise Call Of Duty: Ghosts, due out later this year.


GTA5 sales prediction

blank Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter gave his prediction today on the sales of Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto 5. According to the sales expert, GTA5 is set to break records with expected sales to reach


More GTA5 Screenshots released

blank R* released yet another batch of mouth watering screenshots for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5. Be sure to click on each image below for a full size view. Grand Theft Auto 5 is due for release in September for PS3 and Xbox 360.…


The Starship Damrey released in Europe

blank Level-5 have today announced the release of The Starship Damrey, a sci-fi adventure game for the 3DS. This was first announced as coming westward in the last Nintendo Direct, and places players into a rather odd role. Placed aboard a starship, the player is simply dropped into the game and are left to work out who they are and why they’re there. If done well, that could be very effective, especially since The Starship Damrey has an almost horror-like vibe…