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Total War: Rome II Release Date Announced

blank SEGA have announced the release date for the next entry in the hugely popular Total War franchise. Total War: Rome II will be available to players all around the world in September this year. Both digital and physical versions of Rome II will be available from its global release date on September 9th, 2013. There’s also going to be a collector edition which includes a working catapult, although since it’s self-assembly something tells me that you’ll be unable to conquer…


The Sims 4 unveiled

blank EA and Maxis unveiled The Sims 4, a new game in the massively successful Sims franchise. They were quick to confirm that this would, indeed, be offline and that the mistakes made by the SimCity release have been well learnt from.


Wolfenstein: The New Order Announcement Trailer

blank Bethesda yesterday announced a new entry in the Wolfenstein series, and it looked pretty good. The screenshots released managed to capture both the stark visual style of life under the Nazis, but also a certain mood. Available across multiple platforms at the end of the year, including next-gen machines, this is definitely going to be one to watch. That's only hit home by this announcement trailer.


A sequel to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon?

blank The stand-alone expansion to Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, has only just come out, but are Ubisoft already considering a sequel? This is according to Michael Biehn, the actor lending his voice to the character of Rex Colt. Speaking on Major Nelson Radio, Biehn said that the game's creative director, Dean Evans, is in discussions to develop a sequel.


Call of Duty Ghosts: officially announced

blank Activision has officially announced the arrival of the next title in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Ghosts. A poster of the game was revealed before, showing the face of a soldier half covered with a skull-in-hood.   You can already watch the first trailer of the title developed by Infinity Ward . Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, Inc explained the new title: “Ghosts delivers an all-new story, all-new characters, an all-new Call of Duty world, all powered…


New Borderlands 2 character available May 14

blank It was made clear that Borderlands 2 would be receiving a sixth playable character class in the form of Krieg, the Psycho Bandit. Although we knew he was well on his way after the PAX East gameplay demo, actual release details were never shared… Until today!


Wolfenstein: The New Order announced

blank Yesterday, Bethesda was teasing something with some mysterious images, an upcoming title rumored earlier this year. Now we finally know what it is. The publisher have today announced Wolfenstein: The New Order. Like the previous instalments of the franchise, it’s an FPS that will have players infiltrating Nazi strongholds and battling legions of enemies. This new game will run through the id Tech 5 engine.   Scheduled for the end of the year on PC, PS4, next Xbox, Xbox 360…


FIFA 14 – New Teammate Intelligence

blank Ever been in that situation where one of your teammates doesn’t provide cover at the back? Or perhaps you’re two on one in front of goal and your teammate carelessly strays offside… Well FIFA 14 looks to rectify that with a new feature: ‘Teammate Intelligence.’ Your defenders will not only be more adept at marking opposition players, but they will now recognise the chance to offer support in all areas of the pitch as well.


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Available for Pre-order

blank The Kingdom Hearts series has been one of the most constantly requested HD Collection since almost before the whole HD Collection thing began. Finally announced last year for Japan, it took longer than it ever should have to get confirmation of a western release. Now Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is available for pre-order, and it comes with a nice art book as well.


Retro Revival Fire & Forget: The Final Assault Coming May 16th

blank If you remember the original Fire & Forget, I may need to repeat this several times, because your mind probably isn't what it used to be. I kid, of course, but it's true that this is an IP that has been dormant for more than two decades. That's about to change, because on May 16th, Fire & Forget: The Final Assault will be released on PC/Mac, iOS devices and Android. It looks like the developers have tried to really capture what made those early games great and, if nothing else, there aren't ...