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PES 2014 announced. Not coming to next-gen consoles

blank Pro Evolution Soccor 2014 has been announced today but if you're hoping for a next-gen footy game to play on your shiny new PS4 or Xbox One you're going to be disappointed.


Fable HD Coming to Xbox 360

blank You apparently tweeted it (Lionhead were watching and recording), and now those of you who took to Twitter in literally your millions are getting your wish (not to exaggerate...). The video above, posted to the official Lionhead YouTube channel, more than hits at a HD version of the original game, although this should be viewed as a teaser rather than a full confirmation. Although it says that Fable HD is coming to Xbox 360, basically in black and white, it doesn't actually expressly ...


Xbox One as good as confirmed for a 2013 release

blank The Xbox One reveal gave us a lot of info on Microsoft's next gen console (some good, some bad). However one vital bit of info was left out for European consumers and fans have been speculating about a release date ever since.


Scorpion enters Kombat in Injustice: Gods Among Us

blank Warner Brothers have announced that the next piece of DLC for superhero brawler will be the iconic Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Bragging a new design by Jim Lee at DC entertainment, this isn't the first time a Mortal Kombat character has taken on the likes of Batman and Superman, but it might just be the deadliest.


Popcap Announce Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time

blank PopCap have announced a follow-up to their hugely successful tower defence title Plants Vs Zombies, subtitled "It's About Time." Filled to the brim with Back to the Future references and unveiling a few new plant types, the trailer is the hilarious good fun that made PopCap's games so popular in the first place. Plants Vs Zombies 2 will have you defending your lawn across time and space, although how much of an affect that will have on actual gameplay won't be seen until the game releases ...


Metro: Last Light Massively Outsells 2033 in Launch Window

blank Metro Last Light is a success. It's garnered largely positive reviews critically, people seem happy about it in forums and it's done well financially as well. That's something of an understatement: it's done fantastically, far more than the average Metro fan was likely expecting. Last Light sold more in its first week than 2033 sold in its first three months, and that's just the beginning.


New releases this week: June 2nd – June 9th

blank The new releases for this first week of June is slightly lacking but a new IP is always welcome. This week you can be a Marvel hero, explore a massive land, pitch a tent and then forget about it all by friday.


Nintendo’s E3 2013 site now live

blank The Nintendo E3 website is now up and running and counting down to when Ninty takes to the stage at this year's E3 in LA. It all starts on June 11th at 07:00 in LA. This converts to 15:00 in UK/Ireland or 16:00 in Central Europe. Be sure to tune in.


UK E3 Alternative EToo Announced, Sponsored by PlayStation

blank Making it to E3 is hard enough, even if you live in the US. For those of us in Europe (and further afield) it’s a vague impossibility, a mess of cost and inconvenience that far outweighs the visit’s usefulness. That’s why EToo sounds such a good idea. Sponsored by PlayStation and with over 30 developers present, from June 10th to 13th, the Loading Bar in Soho will be filled with some of the biggest indie games out there, as well…


EA Releases Online Passes for Free

blank EA have ditched online passes, thanks in part to the way that at least the Xbox One handles used titles, but they've gone one step further than that. Starting this week and going on over the next few weeks, EA will be releasing their previous online passes to fans for free. If you have pre-owned copies of games still playable online, it's only a matter of time until you'll be able to jump in to the multiplayer fray for absolutely free.