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Saints Row IV Demo now available

Volition have released a demo of the upcoming Saints Row IV to the PS Store. Well, saying it’s a demo is a bit ambitious. The short, yet oddly large (roughly 1400MB) demo gives players a chance to create their character in anticipation of the game’s full release in two weeks. Create wild and wacky characters using the robust creation options. Fiddle around with settings such as gender, race, skin color, height, weight and even their sex appeal with a slider…

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New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Nintendo have announced that they'll hold a new Nintendo Direct tomorrow. You'll be able to tune into the official Nintendo website for the latest Wii U and 3DS news at 7AM PDT, 3PM GMT. Don't get too excited though, they have already confirmed that this will be related to games releasing this year.

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Left 4 Dead 3 Confirmed by Valve Changelog Leak

Members of the DotA 2 subreddit were treated to a tour of Valve recently, and something tells me that the House that Half-Life Built may just regret letting them take picture. One picture, which shows a Valve Changelog, reveals quite clearly that the company are working on Left 4 Dead 3, and that it will run in the Source 2 engine.

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PS Vita Firmware 2.60 now live

Sony have released the latest Firmware Update for the PlayStation Vita bringing it up to 2.60.

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Bluepoint Games porting a PlayStation ‘Classic’.

Bluepoint Games are currently busy working on a port of a PlayStation 'Classic' for Sony's current hardware.

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Microsoft Explain why Achievements are better on Xbox One

We've all seen the new improvements made to the Xbox One achievement system, but what about if you want to play a cross-gen game on Xbox 360? What incentive do you have to pick up, say, Watch Dogs on Xbox One instead of Xbox 360?

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Australian Saints Row IV co-op incompatible with international release

The Australian Classification Board may have eventually approved Saints Row IV for release in the country but at the cost of multiplayer co-op with gamers outside Australia. An apologetic post on the Official Saints Row Facebook page (which has since been deleted) mentions a couple things on how the Australian version differs from any other version of the game. A single mission has been cut to meet the strict AU Classification criteria, but that’s not all. Gamers down under will…

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Steam Sell Fallout 3 without Keys, Buyers Can’t Play

There's been something of a mini-controversy on Steam this last weekend. Fallout 3 has been on sale and it seems to have sold so many copies that Steam actually ran out of keys so that people could actually play their game. As of writing it still seems people are getting error messages and are unable to access their new purchase. Of course, Fallout 3 is still available to buy.

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New Releases this week | Aug 5th – Aug 11th 2013

The summer drought has come and gone if this week's releases are any indication. The upcoming 7 days are rife with new releases particularly for PlayStation.

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Minigore 2 free for Anniversary

Four years ago, developer Mountain Sheep introduced the world to a new hero: John Gore, the man who found himself eternally chased by hordes and hordes of zombies, zombie sheep, and other undead creatures. When Minigore hit iOS back in 2009, it was one of the first dual-stick shooters on the platform, responsible for the genre's huge popularity in the early days of premium iOS gaming.