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New Infamous: Second Son screenshots

blank 6 beautiful new screenshots have been released for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son. This new batch of shots show new protagonist Deslin Rowe up close and personal along with some action shots of his powers.


Xbox Live possibly hacked. 48 Million user passwords posted online

blank The 6.8GB of data posted on Pastebin by a hacker going by the name of Reckz0r contains 48 million email addresses and passwords for Xbox Live accounts. As of now this is still a rumour as Microsoft have yet to confirm or deny the hack


Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3? Retailer Listing Renews Chances

blank The German branch of Amazon have a page up for Mirror's Edge 2, and are taking pre-orders. The original first person free-running game gained a pretty huge following after a lacklustre start, and both DICE and EA have hinted that a return to the series may be on the books. The fact that it's turned up at retail means this has a pretty good chance of becoming a reality.


Gamestop’s stock falls, Sony’s stock up since Xbox One announcement

blank Stock fell 5% for the worlds largest video game retailer following the announcement that the next-gen Xbox will require gamers to pay Microsoft a fee before being able to play used games. Over 60% of Gamestop's earnings comes from the used market so this is a major blow for the retailer.


GTA5 Special and Collectors Edition available now for pre-order

blank Pre-orders on Special Edition and Collectors Edition of GTA5 are now being taken. Both editions includes some neat stuff any GTA fan would want in their possession.


Alan Wake Humble Bundle is Unmissable

blank Do you own a PC with an internet connection? Have you got even a little amount of money? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you're absolutely going to have to buy the latest weekly Humble Bundle, which is a picture of absolute value. For a dollar, you get access to DRM-free and Steam copies of Alan Wake: Collectors Edition and to its spin-0ff, Alan Wake's American Nightmare. And that's where the value for money just begins.


Mortal Kombat PC Officially Announced

blank After months of rumblings, Warner Brothers have officially announced Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for the PC. After the game turned up on SteamDB and people were shown to be playing it through opensteamworks, it was more or less a foregone conclusion, but core gamers will be happy to see this one come to fruition.


Get $10 free store credit from Microsoft

blank Microsoft are feeling generous today handing out $10 to everyone who signs up to receive a notication on when preorders start for the Xbox One. Reports say the money gets added to your Xbox Live account as store credit within a couple of hours of registration and can be used on anything found on the Marketplace. To avail of this limited time offer click here and sign up.


Xbox One Reveal was a Success Regardless of Reaction

blank Peter Molyneux was a guest on IGN's Xbox One coverage earlier, and he said something that got me thinking. They were talking about the release date and the difference between "worldwide" and "around the world," and the difference that that wording might imply. Molyneux was pretty certain that the wording was important, that everything said and shown would have been very carefully selected to give off a very specific vibe. How can a conference so lovingly put together be so hated by so many? ...


Xbox One: Quick News Round-Up

blank If you've been on a social network in the last few hours, you'll probably have an idea of how the Xbox One reveal has gone down. In the eyes of some people: well. In the eyes of others: terribly. It all depends what you use your 360 for. The very least that can be said is that they know their basic audience. Are you ready to shell out on the Xbox One?