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Kirby’s Blowout Blast Is Coming Out in July for the 3DS

Nintendo of America announced tonight that Kirby’s Blowout Blast would be coming out in July. We have the release date and my thoughts on the game below! Kirby’s Blowout Blast will be coming to the North American 3DS eshop on July 6th. Nintendo of America announced the release date on twitter today. They mentioned Kirby’s 25th Anniversary. This will be the second Kirby game released for the 3DS eshop this year. The first Kirby game this year was called Team…

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More Thoughts From Me #74: Revisiting Dragon Quest 7 for 3DS

I felt like playing an rpg again, but I didn’t have any new rpgs on hand. I considered starting a new game on Dragon Quest 7 for 3DS. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go all through the game again. Then, I remembered that the game had random dungeons that you can visit and fight enemies in. So I decided that I’d revisit my old save file. I was surprised by what I found. I knew that Dragon Quest…

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Ever Oasis Review

Ever Oasis is one of those titles that no amount of video, and no amount of dialogue with others will convince you to purchase and play it. This review, perhaps, might be one of those things that unfortunately is completely useless, unless you walk away going, "man, I need to play this game." But, I'm not sure I will be able to properly convey that to you, because Ever Oasis is a game that needs to be played, not read about, to fully appreciate.

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Ever Oasis First Impressions

Ever Oasis was not something I was looking forward too, and for what ever reason, even the Treehouse Live presentations were not getting my pumped for this release. However, it wasn't until I played the game last night that I understood the huge appeal. I hope more people are willing to give Ever Oasis a try as it could be a very successful, new IP for Nintendo!

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Miitopia – Adventure awaits your Tomodachi Life friends! (Video)

Nintendo UK released a new trailer for Miitopia for 3DS. The trailer shows how you can move all your Tomodachi Life Miis over to Miitopia. I loved Tomodachi Life. I still play it once and awhile. So I was definitely interested in Miitopia from the start. And then I played the demo, my interest level went up even more! The new trailer from Nintendo UK is really good. I love how they use Mii News to introduce the connection between…

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Nintendo Releases List of Upcoming 3DS Games for 2017 to Early 2018

Nintendo released a list today of upcoming 2017 and early 2018 titles! We have the press release and my thoughts on it below. Have a 3DS and/or you planning to get the New 2DS XL? Are you wondering what’s coming out for it this year and early next year? Then you should check out the newest Nintendo press release below: ” REDMOND, Wash., June 22, 2017 – With the E3 video game conference in the rear-view mirror, Nintendo is now…

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More Thoughts From Me #73: Final Thoughts on E3 2017

E3 2017 is over. And now its time for my final thoughts on it. How did I like this year’s E3 overall? Metroid 4. Mario + Rabbids. Metroid: Samus Returns. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake. Yoshi! Mario Odyssey overload (in a good way). Wall-to-wall games from Microsoft. Spider-man PS4. These are only a few of the big games from E3 2017. This year was especially big for Microsoft and Nintendo, but Sony had some good titles too. Unfortunately, Sony…

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Dragon Quest XI Will Get A Nintendo Direct in Japan This Week

At E3 last week, it wasn’t surprising that Dragon Quest XI was not announced for North America. Disappointing, sure, but definitely not surprising. Dragon Quest XI come out next month in Japan and so that means we probably won’t see the game here for two to three more years. It takes forever to get Dragon Quest games to the West. However, if you are interested in this new Dragon Quest game anyway, you may want to check out its Japanese…

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Ever Oasis 3DS Demo Impressions

Ever Oasis will be coming to the 3DS next week. The game was shown off during E3 and a demo for the game was released on the same day. I have played the demo several times now! Please check out my impressions of the Ever Oasis demo below. The Ever Oasis demo is very short. The player is put on a very linear path and has to finish two goals before the demo finishes. You can look around the Oasis,…

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Ever Oasis

Nintendo showed off Ever Oasis for the 3DS today. What did they show? We’ll tell you about that. Plus, you should check out the new E3 2017 trailer for the game! Ever Oasis for the 3DS is coming out on June 23, 2017! That’s next week! The Nintendo Treehouse showed off new footage of the game today. The Oasis was shown off again but, more importantly, we were shown a new gameplay feature! In Ever Oasis, you can create random…