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Ever Oasis 3DS Demo Impressions

Ever Oasis will be coming to the 3DS next week. The game was shown off during E3 and a demo for the game was released on the same day. I have played the demo several times now! Please check out my impressions of the Ever Oasis demo below.


The Ever Oasis demo is very short. The player is put on a very linear path and has to finish two goals before the demo finishes. You can look around the Oasis, though there isn’t much to do there. The same can be said of the desert.

There are many caves to find in the desert, which I discovered on my last replay, but all of the extra caves dead end in the demo. There is only one cave that you can go in and explore a bit. There are some extra items to find in the dead end caves, but mostly those caves are teases of the full game.

The demo gives you a taste of the game’s combat system, the Oasis, and some exploration. Its not a bad demo, in fact I liked it a lot, but I wish there had been more to it. There is also no save in this demo, so unlike the Miitopia demo you can’t keep your progress.

It doesn’t really matter though, because the demo throws you into the game after the story has already started. Not much is revealed about the game’s story.

As for the game’s battle system, its pretty good. Ever Oasis is an action rpg, so you will be directly controlling one character and you can switch to one of your other characters whenever you want.

You will have a party of three characters near the end of the demo and its very easy to switch between them with the D-Pad. I would recommend playing Ever Oasis on a New 3DS if you can though.

In the demo, you can lock onto enemies using the L button, but if you don’t have a New 3DS, you will have a very difficult time with the game’s camera. The New 3DS’ analog nub does a great job of turning the camera out of battle. In battle, things get a little chaotic and sometimes the camera can be iffy.

Its much worse on the regular 3DS without that analog nub. Camera issues or not, Ever Oasis does have a fun battle system. I also love the exploration in this game.

Each of your party members in the demo have their own special abilities and those help with exploration. My favorite party member was the tall lizard in your party that has a spear of some kind. That spear can turn large objects over and move certain switches. The lizard can also mine ore with a pick axe! He is a very handy character.

The other two characters in the demo are no slackers though and have abilities that help a lot in dungeons. I wish I could have seen more of the dungeons. I wish I could have seen more of the game period. I enjoyed looking around the Oasis and I especially loved exploring the desert.

Oh and I should mention how great this game looks. The graphics in the Oasis and in the desert are very nice. The good looks good in 3D too, but you really don’t need the 3D. The game is perfectly fine without it.

I can’t wait to play more of this game! The Ever Oasis demo is short, but it is sweet.

Have you played the Ever Oasis demo? What did you think of it?

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