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Resident Evil Re:Verse Review

Resident Evil Re:Verse

Release: October 28, 2022
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: PlayStation 5 Reviews, PS5 Reviews, ReviewsXbox Series X Reviews


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3.0 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
7.0 - Audio

When Re:Verse was first unveiled, I had hope. Seemed like a good concept, with characters we love on the boom of a battle royale game fest, where everyone was doing something like this. However as this continued to get pushed back and back further, I started to be concerned….and honestly after getting my hands on it and playing it…it might have been better served later after they could improve on the game more, or just not release it at all.


Let’s back it up a little though, the premise of the game is slightly unique so to speak, it’s a 6 player PVP free for all. You take on the roles of major characters within the Resident Evil Universe (Leon, Chris, Jill, etc.) and try to rack up the most kills. When you get a kill you gain points, when you are killed you lose points easy as that. However, when you are killed you are not truly dead, depending on how many T-Virus canisters you collected, you change into one of the various creatures (with unique attacks and abilities) of the RE universe like Nemesis or a Super Tyrant for a limited time and can rack up more kills this way.

At its core unfortunately it’s a silly game with less-than-ideal gunplay mechanics and it just turns into a slaughter and then running around as Tyrants extracting revenge. There is no real satisfaction of a VICTORY ROYALE or a major kill streak…it’s just get the high score and you win. There are various maps to play through which honestly over all are pretty well designed, and the game almost encourages you to wander instead of rush into combat to collect more T-Virus canisters, because the more you get the rampage of destruction you can cause when dead makes up for the numbers you missed while searching quite easily as you dispatch your opponents while extremely overpowered.


After playing a handful of matches it came quick to me that unfortunately…. that was it…. there was nothing to keep me on the hook, no pursuit of greatness just a shallow game of hide and seek and murder. Sure, each character has a unique load out and abilities, but it is far from something more enjoyable than the characters from an Overwatch or Apex Legends, ultimately it doesn’t really matter who you are. The developers shoehorned a bunch of the standard corniness we get with multiplayer gaming now a days such as multiple skin options (often silly) weapon charms and victory emotes…. all just made me groan honestly at the attempt at being relevant.

The game itself looks and runs well, its major problem is really that it’s just not fun and I don’t want to replay it, there is nothing to bring me back in. Maybe in future updates they can address these types of things, but considering the game was delayed for over a year, other than visuals there was no improvement from early betas or anything. I think this game will be shut down sooner than later honestly. This is not what I wanted as an RE Fan, I’m going back to playing Mercenaries Mode on Village instead.



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