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Spyro Reignited Review

Spyro Reignited

Release: January 1, 1970
Genre: XBox One Reviews


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8.0 - Gameplay
8.0 - Video
8.0 - Audio

Everyone favourite Dragon use to be a hit on the video game scene before fading for a few years. His tale, and that of his friends, was brought back into perspective with the Skylanders series, but ultimately, that isn’t the Spyro we all know and love. Thanks to Activision, the trilogy of Spyro titles remastered for console is here for us to enjoy, and it holds up incredibly well because of the various updates to the game!


Everything in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is beautiful to look at, and it’s obvious from the first few moments of the game that the development team wanted to rebuild this title from the ground up, with remastered music and a fresh coat of paint across the entire experience. But a game is only as good as it mechanics, and thankfully bringing these old titles into the modern era has been as smooth as possible. This isn’t just a remake; it is a remaster!

You know when you play remastered titles over a decade later and realize the game just doesn’t live up to what you remember? I have, and thankfully that isn’t an issue. The great gameplay mechanics and level design from the original has been perfectly ported over. Of course, a few problematic issues have been ported over as well, most notably the lengthy load times that can quickly pull you out of the experience. It’s a minor annoyance to be sure, but in a generation where games load almost instantaneously, it’s disappointing to see that this issue that was so prevalent in the original, was not somehow rectified here.


The Spyro games have always been a bit of a collect-a-thon, and thanks to some quality of life improvements that now track all your collectables in one place, it’s easy to see what you’ve missed, and what you need to go track down. New fast travel options also let you return to worlds that otherwise would have taken a bit of a monotonous trek. These are huge improvements, and really who that the development team was thinking about how to make the experience better, rather than trying to grab a few quick bucks on the nostalgia of Spyro fans.


While I found replaying my old favourites in the Spyro Reignited Triology was pretty easy, it was wonderful to see my 9 year old son experience the franchise for the first time. It’s not an overly difficult title, but the fantastic graphics, killer soundtrack, and outstanding voice work make this journey a pleasure for all, whether you’ve done it before and are returning for a second time (or third or fourth!), or if this is your first foray into the Spyro universe. Regardless of where you sit, this is a title you’ll want to invest in!


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