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Real Farm Review

Real Farm

Release: October 20, 2017
Publisher: SOEDESCO
Developer: SOEDESCO
Genre: Adventure, Family, Simulation, XBox One Reviews


Great About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
7.5 - Audio

Farming Simulation games have a huge following, mostly from European gamers, and because of the immense success of the Farming Simulator franchise, more and more companies are coming to the table with their own versions. Real Farm from SOEDESCO is a great example of a company looking to take that formula, change it up a bit to make it their own, and release it to the public. But when you are going up against such a beloved franchise, how hard is it to rise to the top? And is your game going to be any good, or just be considered a knock off? We look at this, and more, in our review of Real Farm on the Xbox One X!


While our score is likely to remain the same, we will be adding to this review and potentially altering the score based on more gameplay!

Initial reviews of the Xbox version of Real Farm were pitiful, with many gamers giving the game less than 50%. These reviews date back to October and November of 2017, and although we missed the initial review-boat on this one, we now feel that getting the game 4 months after launch might have been the best thing. While many of the reviews you see will score Real Farm around 50%, we are here to tell you that this Farming Simulator alternative is a great product, one that stands out for strong gameplay and great modes.

The best part about Real Farm is the ability to do a career mode. In Farming Simulator – and most other farming simulation titles – you are given the option to choose which farm you want to manage, but then the gloves are off and you can do whatever you want. In Real Farm, that is also an option, but the more enjoyable route is doing the career mode. You’ll begin the game with roughly $20,000, a loan if you play on medium or hard, and a grant if playing on easy. You’ll have to do jobs around the local farm until you’ve earned enough – $350,000 to purchase your own farm.

Career mode acts like a sort of tutorial, but one with purpose. I felt like I was learning how to play Real Farm – and becoming familiar with the different types of machinery – while actually progressing forward in a meaningful way. It does take a long time to reach the required cash threshold to purchase your first farm, but when you do, there is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment I’ve not really felt in other farming simulation games.


The way you control the tractors and attachments in Real Farm is also very intuitive and easy. Rather than pulling both bumper buttons to bring up a list of commands, Real Farm uses the Left Trigger and Right Trigger radial menus to deal with you vehicle and your equipment. It’s a much better system, in my opinion, and one that works really well once you learn what all the different icons mean.

Real Farm looks pretty good overall, but it could be better for a game coming out in 2017. It’s not bad, by no means, but it’s not on par with other games in this genre. That being said, the gamplay does not suffer because of it, so unless all you care about is graphics, there really isn’t a reason here to NOT give Real Farm a try. The farming mechanics are top notch, the equipment and licenced products within the game are limited, but there none-the-less. For cheaper than any other farming simulator currently available on console, Real Farm is a Real alternative to the other farming titles out there. It’s definitely worth a shot!



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