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YouTuber Abdallah Smash Playing Through All Paper Mario Games

In anticipation of the launch of Paper Mario: The Origami King, YouTuber Abdallah Smash is playing through all the previous Paper Mario games live on his channel. 

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More Thoughts From Me #212: A Look Back At The Animal Crossing Series

Animal Crossing New Horizons will be out next week! But this week we’re not talking about that game. Instead, let’s take a look back at past Animal Crossing games. What are my thoughts on the series so far? Which game do I like the best? Which one is the worst? Will I talk about amiibo festival and Happy Home Designer? Time to find out! Animal Crossing is my all-time favorite video game series. I’ve been addicted to it since the…

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Abdallah Animal Crossing Series Live Marathon Starts Today (3/9)

Youtuber Abdallah, a friend and contributor of, will be starting a Live marathon of the Animal Crossing series today. We have the details below. Abdallah shared the above photo on twitter. He will be starting a live marathon of the Animal Crossing series today (3/9). The first game he will play, of course, is the orignal Gamecube game! The stream will start this afternoon on his channel. Abdallah will be doing this marathon for the next two weeks! Will…

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More Thoughts From Me #198: My Top 10 Favorite Games of All-Time

I may have written about this topic before but its worth revisiting because my favorite games of “all-time” list changes every so often. For this list I am limiting myself to one game per franchise because, honestly, most of my list would be Animal Crossing and Dragon Quest if I didn’t do that. Both of those games will have a game on this list of course. And so off we go! Starting with 10. 10. Star Wars: Knights of the…

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More Thoughts From Me #197: The State of Animal Crossing

I’m not the President of Animal Crossing (though I wish I was) but I’m going to give a State of Animal Crossing address anyway. When is New Horizons coming out? Do I play that cellphone app? Am I still playing New Leaf? Are you still playing New Leaf? What’s next for Animal Crossing? My fellow Animal Crossing players! Ask not what Animal Crossing can do for you….ask what you can do for Animal Crossing! And thats all I have. Good…

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More Thoughts From Me #195: Its A Tomodachi Switch Life

I started playing Tomodachi Life, the Mii sim from the 3DS, again. I love the game’s wacky humor and neat things you can do. And I started to think: what if Nintendo did a sequel for the Nintendo Switch? What would Tomodachi Life be like on Switch? Here are some ideas from me! What do you get when you put together a bunch of Miis on an island? You may get something like Tomodoachi Life for the 3DS! For those…

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Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Games

Mario & Sonic have visited a number of historic cities over the past decade in order to participate in the Olympic Games, and for the most part, the games are exactly what you would expect them to be: a collection of sports themed mini games that are more fun with friends than they are alone. And for the most part, Tokyo 2020 is the same as in years past, but with new events and a short story mode! Bringing New…

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More Thoughts From Me #193: Happy Halloween 2019

Its my favorite time of the year again: October, which means Halloween is just around the corner. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but it bares repeating again, I love Halloween. The candy, the spooky stuff, everything. I’m too old to go trick or treating but I still enjoy eating candy and watching spooky shows/movies this time of year. I also love playing spooky video games! Here’s what I’ve played lately and what I’ll play soon. This year, I got…

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Doraemon Story of Seasons – The Prologue – Review in Progress

It’s been a few years since the last Story of Seasons title launched in the Nintendo 3DS, and with over 130 hours into that last release, I was definitely looking forward to this one, even if my understanding of Doraemon was limited. Thanks to our friends at Bandai Namco, we have been given that opportunity, so let’s dive in! The crossover between Doraemon and Story of Seasons really doesn’t require a knowledge of either to enjoy. Story of Seasons is…

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E3 2019 Nintendo Booth Tour

Highlights: Nintendo Booth Tour E3 2019 When my meeting started, the Ninetendo representative handed me the list of the games queued up for demo: Pokemon Sword &  Pokemon Shield Luigi’s Mansion 3 The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 New Super Lucky’s Tale MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3:The Black Order Of course, being a fan of both Marvel and fighting games, I started with MARVEL ULTIMATE…