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More Thoughts From Me #195: Its A Tomodachi Switch Life

I started playing Tomodachi Life, the Mii sim from the 3DS, again. I love the game’s wacky humor and neat things you can do. And I started to think: what if Nintendo did a sequel for the Nintendo Switch? What would Tomodachi Life be like on Switch? Here are some ideas from me!


What do you get when you put together a bunch of Miis on an island? You may get something like Tomodoachi Life for the 3DS!

For those who didn’t play the game, Tomodachi Life is a sim where you put Miis into apartments and then you have to feed them, dress them, give them different looks from their apartments, watch them get together, break up, and even get married and have kids with other Miis. Basically, Tomodachi Life is sort of like the Sims but less three dimensional and you didn’t have to worry about bathroom breaks. The humor in Tomodachi Life is pretty weird. I love the game!

However we haven’t heard anything about a sequel for the game. I don’t know how well the game sold. That hasn’t stopped Nintendo from doing a sequel to a game anyway if they really want to.

So what if a sequel of Tomodachi Life was made for the Nintendo Switch? What would that be like?

Well, on the 3DS, it was very easy to make Miis and also share them via QR codes. The Switch does have a Mii maker and it has a few more features than the 3DS one. So no problem there. That said, there is no camera on the Switch so you couldn’t do QR codes for sharing. My hope is that Nintendo would let you put your Miis online and other people could download them.

I think a Tomodachi Life on the Switch would be more three dimensional than the one of the 3DS. This time, you get to see your Miis walking around in a 3D world. Just like in the 3DS game, you are still the player. Unseen, in first person mode and interacting with your Miis. Maybe Tomodachi Life could be a handheld only game on the Switch. It would be a perfect fit on the Switch Lite!

The Miis would still have apartments, there would still be shops and other things you could do. I’d like to see the Miis be a bit smarter and for the world around them to seem more alive. So maybe Tomodachi Life could be a bit more like the Sims, without bathroom breaks and speeded up time though. Time could still be normal, like Animal Crossing.

Then again, maybe Tomodachi Life on the Switch should be different. Instead of a direct sequel, this time you play as a Mii and live in a Mii world. You can put some of your own Miis in there but other Miis appear too. A 3D world where you can explore, visit shops, work, get married, and more. That could be very interesting.

Either way they go, Nintendo should do a Tomodachi Life sequel for the Switch! The Miis need to make a big return.

Would you play Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo Switch? What do you want the game to be like??

Next week: I’ve played New Super Lucky’s Tale!! What do you think about it? I’ll tell you all about it next week.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Time to play some Tomodachi Life!


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