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Jurassic World Evolutions – First Impressions on Xbox One

Jurassic World has just launched in theatres, and the game based on the franchise has just launched on console. Jurassic World Evolutions is the Rollercoaster Tycoon of dinosaur games, allowing players to build structures, create dinosaurs, and establish a park that will make them a tidy profit. While these types of games always work great on PC, the transfer over to the Xbox One or PS4 is never as smooth.


Yoku’s Island Express Review

Only a few times in any generation of consoles do we get a title like Yoku's Island Express, a game full of charm, but coupled with fantastic unique gameplay that makes you realize you are playing something truly special. One part Metroidvania and one part pinball, Yoku's Island Express balances both ideas perfectly. Team 17 has created and published something truly special, and they deserve a ton of praise for it!


News Release – LEGO The Incredibles Available Today

Toronto, Canada – June 15, 2018 – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, The LEGO Group, Disney and Pixar, announced the launch of LEGO® Disney•Pixar's The Incredibles, a new video game where players will experience the thrilling adventures of their favorite Incredibles characters in awe-inspiring action sequences from both Disney•Pixar films, The Incredibles and Incredibles 2, out today in theatres nationwide. Players will discover the Parr family’s range of extraordinary ...


More Thoughts From Me E3 2018 Edition: And the Winner Is…

E3 2018 is over. That's it folks. It went by so fast! And I have a lot of mixed feeling about this E3. I'll get into that, plus who I thought won E3 and what my favorite games were. Lets get to it. Final E3 column of the year!


Warner Bros Booth Tour at E3 2018

Warner Bros Warner Bros did not disappoint at E3 2018! I didn’t realize it until my booth tour was over with WB, but villainy was definitely the theme. I only played two titles, but I was a Hitman in one and a DC villain aiding the Joker in a prison escape in the others. I am now realizing how infrequently play villains, and I have say, I loved it. Another delightful surprise, both of these games will release before the end of the year, so players will get a chance to try on the feeling of being ...


Cyberpunk 2077 from CD PROJECT RED Looks Amazing

Cyberpunk 20177 is here folks, and the hype begins! While you might best no the team from CD PROJEKT RED because of their work on the Witcher series - including the Witcher 3 which might be one of the best games of this generation! - the team has closed the door for the time being on a large open world Witcher title, and have instead set their sights on a new adventure. While still an action RPG open world experience, Cyberpunk 2077 will be much different in terms of environment, ...


John Deere Coming to Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 is being shown off at this years E3, and the good people at Giants Software have just released another trailer detailing the biggest new addition to the franchise: John Deere. John Deere might be the biggest name in farming tractors, and until today, have rarely had their licence in any popular farming simulation games. Now that is all changing, and Giants has landed the big whale when it comes to it's competition with other farming simulation companies. Here's hoping ...


E3 2018 – Skull and Bones Getting Some Hype – Ubisoft Press Conference

When Justin Farren walked out on stage to show off some of the gameplay you can expect in Skull and Bone, people were understandably blown away. Although cautious optimism swept the theatre and those watching online, the feeling that this could be something special is still quite high!


E3 2018 – Starlink: Battle for Atlas Revealed – Ubisoft Press Event

While most companies are ditching the toys to life genre of games, Ubisoft Toronto is planning on embracing it with their newest title, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which will be available this October on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The team at Ubisoft went all out during the event today, even bringing up a Nintendo legend to detail some unique features coming to the Switch version of the game: the ability to play the entire game as Fox!


E3 2018 – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Revealed – Ubisoft Press Conference

Today, despite all the leaks, Ubisoft revealed Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to an enthusiastic crowd at E3 2018 Ubisoft Press Conference. The poorly kept secret is out: Assassin’s Creed is heading for Ancient Greece, and things are looking fantastic ahead of the October 5th launch!