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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Overview

It’s another year and that means another FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is ready to be put together. All that card collecting you loved to do as a kid now has a purpose, as you open packs of virtual cards to attempt and create the best FUT team possible. I’ve been at the game for about two weeks now, and have immensely¬†enjoyed my time with FUT. What’s changed? Let’s take a look!


The biggest change you will see this year is that there is an added mode within FUT called Moments. In the Moments mode, you will be put into a game that mimics a certain scenario¬†– some random and some pulled right from a players career – where you need to replicate the moment in some way. If you do, you’ll earn a star or two. Those stars can then be redeemed for a variety of prizes during each season, including unique players, packs of cards, stadium upgrades, and more.
The mode is really great, and reminds me of the additional modes in other card collecting games. It’s just one extra step that allows you to earn even more cards, and create an even better team.
Before a few days ago, I would have told you that getting a good team in FIFA 23 is harder than previous years, and that still might be the case. Because I had the Ultimate Edition of the game, I was able to use 4600 FUT points (premium currency) to pick up a few backs, one of which would have cost me 100,000 coins! That’s a lot of cheddar for a pack, and at an average of 500-600 coins per game (at my skill level), that’s a lot of games to play too!
But two weeks in, and I’ve got a pretty solid roster. I was lucky enough to pull a Messi early on, and have since added Son, which rounds out my LW and RW positions for the future. In the centre of the park I have a Team of the Week Erikson, and up front I’m using a respectable 86 overall Lukaku. That being said, I’ve pulled a lot of packs and got a lot of crap too, so it can really be the luck of the draw. My brother is playing and review in PC, and his luck has not been as good as mine, and while he has a few players, he’s not fielding the likes of Son or Messi.
The game does appeal to the money-spender inside of me to get more and more packs to open, but it is something I desperately need to resist. It will be interesting to see how this mode expands in the future, and how hard it will be to get better players for your starting XI. For me, still, it is the best and most interesting mode in FIFA 23!

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