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Square Enix Announce Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Pre-order Incentive

KH_HD_2 Square Enix have today announced what you'll get if you pre-order Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX for the PS3. While stocks last, every pre-order will be upgraded to the limited edition, which contains a unique and "extremely rare" Disney pin badge featuring Sora and Mickey Mouse.


Lab Zero Games Looking to Bring Dualshock 3 to PS4

skullgirls Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games are looking for somebody to help them develop a Dualshock 3 driver for PlayStation 4. It seems like Sony have allowed for developers to write drivers for "unsupported USB devices," presumably allowing for individual title support of things like Rockband instruments, however Lab Zero's Mike Z is hoping to bring back last-gen's controller for Skullgirls Encore.


Class of Heroes 2G physical copy only available for pre-order

CoH2G_PS3 coversheet_120x129 Listen up, video game collectors. Class of Heroes 2G is getting a limited physical release on the Playstation 3. Gaijinworks will end presale orders on July 27th 2014. The game will also be available on the PSN for $34.99 but if you want to trade, sell, or just put a copy of it on your shelf, then you're going to have to preorder it for $49.99 + $4.99 shipping (in the states).


Heavenly Sword Movie Available this September

Heavenly-Sword Heavenly Sword was one of the better games of the early PS3 days, even though it's painfully underappreciated. Like the Wii U today, it was put out as an example of first party ingenuity, and the general reaction (usually from people that hadn't and never would play it) was to laugh out loud. God of War?! With a woman?! Still, it was successful enough to get optioned as a movie, and then everybody forgot about it... until now.


Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Trailer shows off new Graphics

KingdomHearts2-Nightmare Christmas When it rains, it pours. Apparently Square Enix have realized there's a new Kingdom Hearts Remix coming out in the next few months, and that they ought to start advertising it. Our second trailer in less than a month, this one shows off some of the changes between the original, SD PS2 version of Kingdom Hearts 2 and the new HD PS3 outing. There's also a clip from Birth by Sleep.


PS4 Remote Now Works Wirelessly on PS3

dualshock-4 The Dualshock 4 is one of the most comfortable controllers going, which is why a fair few people were excited to find out that you were able to play PS3 games with it. Aside from a few titles, such as Grand Theft Auto V and Sly Cooper 4, almost every PS3 game supports it fully out of the box. There's only one downside: you had to have the remote plugged in via USB. That has now changed.


Sony Releasing Ultimate Gamer Bundles

PS3-Packs Let's say that you consider yourself quite the gamer, but you've yet to play some of the classics of the PS3 era. What can you do? Sony Japan Asia are offering at least one solution by releasing a set of terribly tempting packs designed to offer you just some of the awesome experiences available on Sony's last major console.


Batman Arkham Origins Complete Edition Coming August?

batman-arkham-origins-100113-2_900x506 Batman Arkham Origins was met with slightly more mixed reviews than its predecessor, Arkham City, but it was still a very capable entry in the Bat's franchise. For those that missed out, it might be worth holding on just a little longer, as Amazon's German branch may have just leaked the existence of a Game of the Year edition.


Dead Space 3 Coming to PlayStation Plus Next Month

DeadSpace3 Sony have announced the games coming to PlayStation Plus in July, and leading the charge is EA's Dead Space 3.


DICE Not Sure Why People Liked Bad Company

battlefield-bad-company-2 It was always pretty obvious that Bad Company 3 would be a thing. The games were relatively successful and created a following that is still waiting for the chance to revisit those characters and that multiplayer. They'll probably be waiting for a little while longer, because DICE doesn't know what made those games so special.