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Rebirth Day Is Nearly Here

It’s shocking to think that within a day or so we’ll be playing Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. But I’ve checked the calendar a good few times, and it’s definitely true.

Yesterday, when the original Final Fantasy VII: Remake came out, it was divisive for only covering the adventure up until the end of Midgar. Now we’ll be able to see what comes next.

Only it wasn’t yesterday. It was four years ago. Which is pretty short by game development times, but still an upsetting little fact. We had our physical copy delivered early because of the pandemic. I spent that night playing through the first hour or so and soaking in every single moment.

Four years of speculation, of analysing every idea and, yes, of people still saying “it should’ve been one game” and “I’ll wait for the full thing to release”. Sure, pal. Sure.

But this is a game that releases at a very different time to Remake. The industry was booming then. The pandemic meant there was more free time, more opportunity to reflect on the digital adventures we enjoy. Today the economy is in shambles, and the gaming industry bubble seems about to burst.

That’s why Rebirth is such an important game for me, and why tomorrow is a red letter day. At a time when things seem so bleak, we can celebrate a passion project, and a long-time symbol of the industry returning to our screens.


Rebirth covers almost every single major location in the original Final Fantasy VII. It also covers the bulk of the plot. It’ll be extremely interesting to see where we go from here. That’s an article for 2028.

It’s just nice to have a game coming out that:

  1. Isn’t a service game
  2. Didn’t take a decade to make.
  3. Will actually have moments that challenges its fans, rather than panders to them (although I expect plenty of that too, bikini scenes included).

And frankly, on a personal note, it’s nice to have a game I’m genuinely excited for. It only comes a couple of times a year, and on this level only a couple of times a generation.

When the original Final Fantasy VII came out, it helped propel the PlayStation to new heights. Remake was a long wished for adventure come to fruition during a pandemic. And Rebirth is the aptly named game that will give gamers something positive to focus on for a few months while things continue to be tough for the hobby we love. It’s not exactly a poster child for the solution – it’s still cost tens of millions to make. But it’s something.

As the year goes on, and the bad news inevitably continues, it is moments like these that we need to hold onto. Gaming should always ultimately come back to the games. When you’re knee deep in this hobby, it is obvious how often people forget this.

So instead of doom scrolling, pick up a controller and take your first steps outside Midgar. Take a moment to remind yourself why we loved this hobby in the first place.


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